Frida or aegir

The title pretty much says it. Who should I ascend Frida or aegir, I only have enough scopes for one.

If you fighting with 10* or higher titans and you don’t have Arthur I will max Frida.

:point_up_2:If not go for Aegir

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What’s the primary use? Frida is prob more versatile… but if it’s just tank… I’d do aegir.

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I’m actually not in an alliance currently. If this would help they’re both used on my main team at 3/70 with a marjana 4/80, khiona at 4/80 and a wild card which could be vivica 3/70 horgall 3/70 wu Kong 3/60 or Wilbur 3/60

I use both of them on my main team.

Frida has had the massive buff but Aegir will actually help the team last longer with his minor healing and spirit link, which is even more useful on stronger titan.

If you plan to use either Horghall or Viv as your tank, Go Frida. But Aegir is actually better than both as a tank. For me, I’ll choose Aegir over Frida as Aegir’s tank is a common sight in diamond. Quite annoying to deal without a dispeller or a Wilbur to turn the tide around.

Consider joining a good alliance too. Titans and wars are the good sources of ascension mats.


Frida imo.

I have Aegir at 3-70 and he’s a bit ‘meh’ imo.
I never yse him except in wars. I use magni, grimm and ariel for blue stack raiding, and add arthur for titans.

Doesn’t suit my playstyle I guess.

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Thank you Alice, I left my alliance a day or two before the last war, petty power trips by the leader a lot. I do use aegir as a tank though, I’ve just been on the fence for a while now on this one. I guess I just want to have my cake and eat it too. Haha.


No alliance! We need to chat. Lol

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Yeah Aegir is quite annoying on offense but very good on defense. Just like Wilbur on offense. What I usually did was bring in a dispeller. Let Wilbur fire and dispel the spirit link and left the opponent with the def down. Easier job for Lianna.
You’ve got a nice blues there!

I’m open to options. Global chat gets way too fast for me and as soon as everyone sees you’re not in an alliance they pounce. Haha.

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Pouncing lol

Go Rin No Sho is a good alliance.

Hit titans and use all flags for wars.

Must have 3500tp team to enter war.
We won 4 in a row until the last one. We’re quite good.

We use whatsapp for chat.

Leader is very laid back.

We manage to be a bit disciplined but also a bit relaxed.

Come try us out if you like.


Hit 3 dispeller, immune to zel debuff plus buffs blue teammates vs hits from zel and lianna, drops blue defense of 3 enemies or 1 titan

Kiril can get by in the places you would use aegir on offense for now. I even get by on some war hits with 3/70 aegir. But Frida is one of a kind. Not even King Arthur can take her spot as far as utility

Frida is how i would go


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