Fenrir pulled! Help with the next 5* blue hero ascension!

Hello everybody!!
Today I pulled Fenrir and I’d like some advice on the next blue 5* heroes to ascend since I have 6 scopes at the moment. My maxed 5* blue hero are Misandra (11), Ariel, Frida (10)
My blue heroes roster is:

  • Fenrir 1/1
  • Perseus 1/1
  • Isarnia 1/1
  • Miki 1/1
  • Aegir 1/1
  • Thorne 1/1
  • Richard 1/1

How should I proceed?

Aegir… Is the best so far in your list

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If you did not have Arthur, then Frida to 3.70 is good start.


even if i have guinevere?

Since you have Guin… I’d go Ariel Frida Aegir. I have Ariel at +7 and she’s good in every area of the game. Even if you didn’t have Guin I’d still go Ariel first or take Frida to 3-70 then max Ariel first.


Ariel for sure. Frida to 3-70 (at least) is a no brainer as well for the elemental debuff, and maybe 4-80 depending on the strength of the titans you face. Isarnia would be helpful for PVE and Aegir is handy in many different situations too, not just as tank. Personally, I would base the next telescope candidate on gaps in hero classes.


Same here. I’d go Ariel, Frida, Aegir… in that order. You already have the top tank with Guin. So Aegir moves down priority wise.

Ariel, best healer int the game. Frida, best blue elemental down.


what about richard and perseus…not considering at all?

I forgot to say that I have mother north as well in my def team

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Richard was my first 5* blue and he’s been a disappointment. Descent in a stack with Frida…

For Frida, there are no other heroes like this except Arthur, and def down element is huge for Titan and Raid offense. At least bring to 3.70. And of course ascend Ariel, best *5 healer.


Not over the three that have been mentioned. Ariel is one of the best heroes in the game. Frida needs to be leveled for titans if you don’t have Arthur. Aegir is also solid just not as important bc of Ariel and Frida.


Ariel first and Frida second.


Ariel and Frida. No question about it. With Guin Misandra and MN on your team that’ll be your smartest play. If you have a leveled Grimm that’s a decent blue stack for titans.


Ariel 4.80 Frida 3.70 Aegir 4.80

Even if you have Guin, Aegir on flank will add to the nightmare. But Frida is a must for red titans, though she’s mostly important for her blue def down which should be already maxed at 3.70.

Ariel is best healer in the game, especially that you are not dependent on cleric tank so can give her the emblems. If she blessed you with her presence, don’t hesitate a minute.

Aegir shines not only for defense. He’s amazing in blue stack offense, especially with Frida. Will help you also in cleaning the seasonal ladders and paladin quests, as there are not many paladin healers.

(speaking as someone having Ariel 4.80, Frida 3.70, Aegir 3.70 desperate for last scope to ascend him).


So do u suggest to shift the emblems from MN to Ariel?

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Probably not bc North is that good and you have her on defense. What talent level do you have North at? If you want Ariel on defense you could stop putting emblems on North for a while and use them on Ariel. You can’t go wrong with either of them. Imo once you start placing emblems on a 5 star bc of the amount of emblems needed for each talent level I wouldn’t remove them.

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Well… that changes things :smile: Didn’t know you have MN also. But then, I wouldn’t run MN, Guin and Aegir in one team… not enough damage, unless you have Kageburado + Gravemaker. Still go with Ariel, just skip the emblems on her and not place her on defense. She’s not that good on defense anyway (Emblemmed Wilbur does better for my def squad than Ariel)

At the end i went for ariel…but now I pulled Miki…does it change anything for the choice of the second hero?

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IMO, Ariel for everywhere (including defense).
Miki for Titan specialist and for 6th flag war maybe.


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