Aegir or Richard tank?

So, if my defense is: alberich, Qoh, -tank-, drake fong, Seshat.

Would you be more afraid of a Richard tank or an Aegir tank?

Spirit link of Aegir with QoH can take multiple sniper hits if the minion is on.
But, Aegir tank is passive, so would Richard make your life harder than Aegir?

Aegir is the better one with a huge opportunity for the whole team.


Absolutely agree with this, I use him with GM and Zel flank on defence and holds cups really well. Richards certainly a decent enough tank, but imo Aegir is in a different league.

I usually don’t find Aegir tanks that problematic, but with your setup he’ll be nasty - your flanks are some of the best in the game, as are your wings. With that team, I’d definitely go Aegir over Richard.

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Albi - Seshat - QoH - Aegir - Drake

If Qoh is the tank, it becomes that much easier to kill off her minion using tiles. If the tank is not dead yet, qoh on flank with spirit link can have that minion for a long time.


One of the main roles of the tank is to stall time.

IF the queen can launch, you would already have bought your defense at least 1 extra turn.

Please do remember every turn counts especially when the raid is a close game.

Green has too many dispellers. To use Aegir as tank is not great and more often than not, the flanks get killed first.


Isn’t QoH a bit of a waste at tank though? She really needs to cast. Aegir can function as a tile dump but he’s also great at stalling, and no matter how much Drake hurts QoH must be a priority target for the attacker, and then Alby. Lots of time for Drake and Seshat to do their thing. Brrr…


Albi should actually be the main focus.
QoH is to draw that focus away from him.
Aegir is to protect the wings.

With Aegir at tank, the focus tends to be his flanks.


Aiger used to be a threat to me, as tank, but is now a treat. Once you can stand to debuff him he does not pose a threat anymore. He is only a problem for those that try to use force to beat him. That being said Aigir will easily get the upper hand with a good team and the tile god on his side. Richard might take out one hero before getting himself taken out… If you put him next to a counter attacker he might be as a big manace to take out as Aiger. My personal choice would have been Aiger but he will not be my tank.

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Aegir is an easy tank for me too. I really like the passive tanks. But go against a talented Richard with his attack stat over 700. He is lethal. He likely activates anyway in case you don’t have a tone of green tiles. And that -34% attack for 6 turns hurts too. A lot.

Don’t like that order at all.

Alberich-QoH-Aegir-Drake-Seshat is way better imo.

Or even Seshat-Alby-Aegir-QoH-Drake. Alberich makes an even better flank than wing imo. You want his mana boost going off sooner and then you can snowball faster.

Personally I have a lot harder time with Aegir than Richard


Yeah, I have had worse time attacking with alby on the flank than on the wing.

But that said, keeping alby on the flank means he will probably not resurrect anyone. You are using him just for the heal and mana boost.

I agree with your logic, but it somehow doesn’t sit well with my gut. I don’t actually have a better argument, just feels like a waste for qoh to be tank. But, you are right. Her sole purpose is to save alby and buy time for Seshat and drake to do their thing. If I get aegir next month, I will definitely give this arrangement a shot.

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S*cks that Aegir and Qoh are both the same class. I have them both and they really work well together, but splitting emblems seems like a bad idea for me.

Richard is a Paladin too. So… it doesn’t help.


So, which one do you like for the tank in your setup? QoH or Aegir? Also, who are your flanks and wings?

Passive tank is lethal, if it can keep your lethal heroes alive. Which in this case, I guess both QoH and Aegir do. Interesting how it started with Aegir or Richard, and seems like the consensus is Aegir, and now we are discussing who is the better tank/flank - Aegir or QoH?

Aegir is a tank. Qoh is not, as stated before. She fires, but her minion dies too quickly. That doesn’t work.

I got rid of Qoh on my def team. Using Zim in red right now. Mainly because of the class problem.

That being said, Your team should do well like that Alberich-QoH-Aegir-Drake-Seshat.
I think.


Fwiw I love running QoH with another minion-summoner, so that the other minions can cover the card. For example, replacing Alberich with Mother North in the above discussion would be a much scarier setup.

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I have found it much easier to deal with mother north than alby. But in this scenario may be mother would be better, not that I have her.

I have the other heroes including Richard, except Aegir - which I am gonna chase in Atlantis in September. Essentially, I wanted to know how much do I need to chase aegir, and consensus seems that he is very important.

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