Richard now grade A?

Seems pretty good to me.


He is awesome. The best blue tank imo

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Is Costume maxed? I do not think so.

Just finished maxing him today… just need costume :sweat_smile:

I’ve found Richard more difficult to manage in war than Aegir. I have a ton of dispellers so Aegir normally crumbles, whereas dispellers do nothing against Richard. That doesn’t seem to be the popular opinion for the rest of my alliance, though. They leave the Aegir tanks to me or others crazy enough to take him on :rofl:


Aegir is tougher for those that are a little light on the roster especially during healing field aid.

Cant kill Aegir in a couple of rounds and he gets to be healed while sharing damage. The team basically becomes indestructible even if you get to fire all 5 skills without dispel.

Your roster is definitely deep so you will have no problems. Usually problem happens to those that are less than lv45 in general from my observation of my alliance members and war enemies.

Richard is definitely very tough even without costume maxed but even if he gets to fire, you can still focus fire and kill at least 1 hero from opposing side if you have your skills charged up. So even this little bit helps in war but this will not be so with Aegir.


Personally, I always thought Richard was an A-/B+ tank. With the classes, that just made him that much better. His attack debuff is crazy and lasts for seems like FOREVER!


With the costume he’s a beast.

Good stats with the costume bonus :muscle:

Aegir sucks. I dont get the hype on him at all. Maybe he is good on offense, but on defense he is awful. He is so passive and easily to kill, you just need to bring Caedmon. I dont understand the ones who likes him better than Richard

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Is Richard default better as tank? And Costumed Richard better on offense? :thinking: Thoughts?

Richard is fine, his attack debuff is especially handy when you take more defensive approach. He can make a good pair with Grimm/Athena/etc too.

But sadly your costume won’t make mine A grade. Every hero with maxed costume shifts into upper grades, and while you can get B grade Richard “easily” with TC, you can’t easily get the A grade version of him.

I would love to have his costume tho, as I am close to maxing second Richard when I get to 12 scopes (10 atm).

Which paths did you take for emblems?

He already has great defense so I’m going attack routes and pick up some extra def and health along the way.

I finally gave my Richard scopes, which is something I never planned to do. I think the costume buff is going to take him over the top. He’s getting my paladin emblems, too–so safe to say I’m all in.

Here’s mine currently.

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I usually use costumed Richard for the extra attack. The attack down from 6 to 4 doesn’t bother me too much.

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Here’s mine maxed and emblemed

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Richard is fine. He is my first 5 star hero, who is still sitting and wallowing at 3/70, overtaken by 4 other blues (Frida, Athena, Lepus & Ariel). I still can’t spend scopes on him as I rather prefer using them on Magni, Vela or Snow White. I have other 3/70 heroes in Miki and Aegir. Even if I got the costume, I would still hesitate ascending him.