Aegir or Richard tank?

I agree that Alberich is a much bigger pain than Mother North. His heal over time and mana speed boost is a killer. He always seems to revive at a much higher % than the card advertises too.

Aegir is way more helpful than Richard

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This war I have opponents 4200+ with Aegir tank. Talent 6. I can’t see the battlefield yet, of course, but my guess they will use the same defenses like I see now. Easy win and warchest coming up :smiling_imp:

I don’t have either but Aegir in the middle is super annoying to fight, while Richard is not nearly much such a threat, so vote for Aeg.

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As a general matter I think Alberich is more challenging. In combination with QoH, though, the value of MN’s beefy minions goes way up.

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