A Wonderful Wonderland Defense?

I was already considering this change in defense (once all are levelled), but with the Telly Nerf I’m looking. Ore seriously at it:

Curious if people think the Wonderland family bonus is worth it? QoH is an okay Tank but she’s not BK level, still with the family mana boost plus mana troops she might be a tough but to crack.

I wish I had Alice for the Full House but the lass has thus far rebuffed my courtship.

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QoH is better as flank than tank. Sadly there are no great blue tank, but if you have Aegir as tank, that might be good.

No Aegir. Richard, Magni, Isarnia are my only other blue options right now. Since there’s no healers in Wonderland I thought it might be a good place for Raff to get some use. He might be better off on Wing though.

I don’t fear Rafaelle on wing myself and I would never put mine there either. He’s too slow to fire on time.

I’ve used him as tank whenever my alliance feels like experimenting, he’s just ok imo. I think he’s best as a flank.


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