Aegir vs Richard

Hi, I’m having a tough time deciding who to give my scopes. Aegir has become better since the buff, but his special still feels too short. I have 3 Richards, all of them low level. Richard might benefit more from the ascension, but it would take a long time to level one of them up.

Any advice?

Watching with interest. I am one scope short of the 6, and will have a similar blue dilemma soon.

I already have blue 5* Isarnia at 4/80

Other blue, totally unlevelled 5* I have are Aegir, Richard and Thorne.
At the moment I am tending towards Aegir for the strong defence.

I also have Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Triton and Valen maxed for war teams, so I think its time to start on another 5*

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Definitely Aegir. He’s first class now as tank as well as flank.


Aegir is overall more useful than Richard and I like Richard…
you just have to think about his special’s activation to not let the possible heal go to waste.

Richard is a better tank but Aegir can cut you battle item’s cost in many areas, counter Santa Claus tanks (while Richard would partially counter Ares) and make your team be more tough on wars with field aid, on top of making your tanks (so while in a flanking position) more hard to deal with.


Aegir’s SS is easy to counter with Wilbur…


I’ve just learned how to do this … fun!

Yeah Wilbur’s special lower his defense but the element link + minor healing stay.

I’ve more trouble dealing with Aegir’s tank compare to Richard until I maxed Caedmon a fast dispeller.
Thus, I am leaning towards Aegir even more after his v20 buff.

Aegir can also be very useful in titan fights. Damage sharing, slight defense buff, and you heal all damage dealt. The healing portion of his skill amazed me in beta when fighting 10* titans; stacked color matches fully healed my attackers when his ability was active.


Yep but it might be not so bad. This way you can target hero(s) with lowest defense and make more damage to all.
And his minor healing doesn’t make huge difference IMO.

Hence, deadly snipers is fundamental to the game. And my Caedmon is just not good enough. But Wu’s stacking could be the answer.

If you lack green dispelling HOTMs as Zeline or Evelyn you could safely give your druid’s emblems to Caedmon and make him your go-to dispelling hero to fight 5* heroes.

He wouldn’t gain much with the companion perk but Druids can follow an all attack+defense route, with just 2 forced health bonus and a final mana bonus (4%)… and I’m a sucker for attack & defense :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the advice. Caedmon already took over all the emblems from Melendor. He is the only sniper in my weak 4 * team. He does help to clear up what Richard left behind.

Bringing this topic back. I grabbed an Aegir during tavern this week. I have a costume Richard sitting at 3/70, and been waiting on telescopes a long time to max my first blue. When they come, should they stay going for costume Richard or give them to Aegir. I am thinking tank for both of them.

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I am having the same dilemma after also pulling aegir in the tavern. Costume Richard or Aegir, but I need them only for war attack team, maybe titan. So far maxed blues: Vela+19, Ariel+18, Fenrir. No other blue options.
(if going war blue mono, i could see the use of c richard if i also put in grimm. Aegir may be useful as a support in a separate stack maybe or in buff tournaments)

That’s hard. I think they would both be good for a war/raid attack. I have been using Boril forever as my tank on defense, and been searching for a good replacement for a long time. I would like to keep it blue to keep my plan for a rainbow team.

I would say that both Aegir and Richard are good blue war tanks, not wrong to choose either. Maybe the costume may give a slight nod to Richard due to stat and mana boost, I would probably choose him (and maybe I will as well, forgot to consider the costume boosts). Though I have not used either so better wait for another opinion.

I would also decide based on what you would need for offense. If you have kiril/grimm maxed, they form a deadly trio with richard. If you however also desperately need a kinda healer support from aegir for attacks and lack other 5* healing options (or an emblemed rigard) he may be considered.

All good points.

The only thing I know from experience is that a member of our alliance had a maxed costume Richard in his war defense that ate 24 flags from the opposing team. He was the last hero standing for the last 8-10 of those attacks. No idea what those 24 attacks consisted of (unleveled 2s for all I know lol), but that was an impressive night that a bunch of us watched and discussed in discord as it was unfolding.

On the Aegir side, I just have my own experiences of attacking him as a tank or flank.

I think though Aegir is a good time buyer for the rest of the defense lineup, he is susceptible to widely available classic dispellers that allow tile dump into him. While Richard may be more punishing to bad boards in a war attack.
@Scarecrow I believe you are a big advocate for Richard as blue war tank, maybe you can help with your experiences especially now that we also have a costume for him

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I’d lean toward Richard… Aegir can be countered by malosi pretty effectively

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I will actively target Blue tanks when raiding. So if you want a hero on defence I can say if I ever have a problem it’s usually Aegir when he’s partnered up with a solid healer that gives me it.

Richard is really decent on offence. Attack debuffs can never be sniffed at and he hits pretty hard but in defence he’s not usually a problem for me.

Just my 2p worth

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