Advice about Quintus 5* hero

Boldtusk could work pretty well healing and giving an attack boost. Any other red to stack alongside BT?
Raffaele and Triton are good options. That way you are placing two blues. Although im not fond of placing two slow heroes in a team (Quintus and Raffa) but try it when once you max Quintus

@giZm0_o I know but the OP has limited options by now. We have to find the best partners for Quintus in the heroes he has. I think he doesnt have some heroes i told him before

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My Idea is to put Kadilen and Quintus in same team with support. Protecting them till they hit.
Is that wrong?

Also got them and that’s alk

There is no right or wrong imo. Best way to find working combinations is to test them in raids for at least a week.

In theory Kadilen protects against damage by special attacks, so does Brynhild(just for herself and neighbours) but both will fire nearly twice before Quintus goes off. I would playtest Quintus in a stack of 3 purple alongside Tiburtus and Sabina

If you have the mats (shields, warm capes , gloves and compasses) i would do Kiril and Melendor before Quintus
They are excelent healers and more with the costume which add a nice boost (stats and mana generation)

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Quintus isn’t great, but he also can be useful when used competently.

Sorcerer emblems:

If you have a better sorcerer, don’t use Quintus. Sabina is a good choice that many players have early, but in all honesty a Sabina +20 might be better than Rigard +0 in a lot of situations, she is very rarely better than a costumed Rigard. This means that with the exception of wars, trials, and events, she will in short time warm most or all benches. Of the other TC20 choices there is Skittleskull who is at best a limited use 4*.

So from the pure Vanilla, no HOTM, no S1/S2/event Sorcerers, Quintus is a good choice as his tile damage will be superior to most other Purple options, very much so if you can obtain a costume. He isn’t the best choice, but outside of War Defense, he might tie other options. From a Titan standpoint he’s solid and his tile damage with costume bonus even Anchor has noticed, Costumed Quintus being A+ on titans.

Raiding with Quintus:

2.5 years into the game and I can say my second string mono teams (thanks Telly) are all pretty meh. There’s a good one in each color, but usually one color (99% of the time blue) doesn’t get used. Quintus is a really good /2 purple with Wu or Ranvir in the mix. About 50% of wars I run a team like this

I don’t care if Wu is up when I fire Quintus, that’s usually a good thing. It’s a higher risk strategy but it does reward as well. The tougher the heroes, the better. This is my YOLO strategy, and its far from a guaranteed win, but it leaves better building blocks for my other teams. Teams that tend to oneshot more often than fail.

You don’t say, “wow Quintus won that match” because he’s not a game changer. He’s a bit more like an unsung hero, bolstering a 3/2 attack rating to cover for a weaker hero while simultaneously not being a paper tiger. Quintus is never the key hero, and he should never be, but he also avoids being a weak link. Quintus is solid.

In summary some heroes you ascend as soon as you can. Some heroes you decide are better than others, so you have to wait on more mats. Quintus doesn’t win most head to heads in the Tabard competition, but he’s still a hero that, if and when possible, should be ascended.


Thank you all for advices and big help.

I am F2P 3 years into the game. I have only managed 2 purple 5*: Domitia and Quintus. I have maxed them both. I did Domitia first and leveled Quintus mostly “just cause”, but do NOT regret it one bit. I am definitely in the pleasantly surprised camp.

I understand the hate he gets if you’re a P2P player who gets 50% or more of the event heroes and HOTMs. They are better. For those of us without that luxury, he is plenty viable. Mine is currently +7 and hits like a truck. He has been great in both raids and provinces, but is probably better in provinces between those 2. His A value is high to stack on titan teams.

That being said you mentioned having Sabina and Tibs, those two should be a higher priority. Sabina is a staple-type hero with her high A value, debuff, and high % heal. Tibs is another long term go-to (again, from a F2P/C2P standpoint) because D dropping is huge. This is true with or without Tibs costume.

Once they’re all leveled Tibs pairs nicely with Quintus by dropping D in advance of Quintus hit, making his blow stronger. An example being I usually raid in 3-2 teams. I would go Tibs-Domitia-Quintus then try to put a healer in the other color. If it’s red or blue I get an A boost from Kiril or Boldtusk. I would then fire say Boldtusk first to boost A, Tibs next to drop D, then Quintus to attack with boosted A and the enemy D dropped. That produces a very solid hit IMO. Domitia and the other red hero, depending who, can clean up, etc.

Fair point, I normally don’t either. The ONLY reason I would consider it though is because of how massive Raf’s heal is. Raf has a lot of HP and if he lives to go off, you’re fine. His HoT is great, but the boost to 50% first can be game changing. Two slow attackers … say Azlar and Quintus or something I would definitely be leery of.

Hope this helps, good luck out there! Keep us posted how it goes! :+1:



Friend, Quintos is so bad that if you compare him to Mok-arr you will see the stark difference … and look that Mok-arr is another piece of crap, I have Quintos in costume and I don’t even think about going up.

Pure biased opinion with no facts or reason or logic behind it. Every other feedback on this topic has been well informed, whether for or against Quintus. This type of post does not help anyone


Guys please take it easy :slight_smile:
I like all your opinions and thank you all so much for the answers.
I wanna ask something more in this my topic.
I have now 3 buldtusk now. One full maxes 2 not.
Is it good to have 3 healers in same team?
Another 2 will be Proteus and kandilen.

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In short, 3 healers in one team is too many, unless possibly you want to auto farm some harder levels. 2 could possibly work. But 3 BT will not be wasted - I regret feeding my duplicate BTs early on in the game. For war you will probably end up with multiple red-heavy teams and multiple BT healers will serve you well there


A second boldtusk is only good for war depth so you shoulndt focus on that copy now. Youd be better focusing in some good 4☆ we already told you and in some degree a future quintus

It seems like the Quintus discussion is over so I’m going to close this topic.

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