Help to choose hero for leveling. 2nd sartana or Quintus

My team: rigard +20; sartana+5; grimble +0; proteus+18; fura +0, tiburtus+0 (with full costume), Have 9 royal tabard. Need help to choose who level up to 4-80 from 3-70: 2nd sartana (no more emblems) or 1st quitus (have 1200 emblems)

Any costume for Quintus? Are you spender or non-spender? More info please. :smile:

No costume for quintus :frowning: just 1200 emblems.

No worries.

I have maxed 2 Costume Sartana + 1 Costume Quintus…

It depends on your play style, spending, and prioritises.

If you are f2p or don’t spend much, I lean towards Quintus because you have a lot of emblems. He was my tank for the Rush Attack wars, and has high tile damage for titans.

However, if you love fast heroes like me, PLUS do not care that much about titans, then 2nd Sartana may suit you better. She will deal damage before Quintus will charge up. I’d also consider embleming 4* and even 3* sorcerers.

If you hesitate to max either one, I’d advise waiting until you have 11 or 12 tabards before deciding.

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I much prefer diversity so my vote goes to Costume Quintus…
He served me very well in the last “fast” war lol

My c quintus also served as an amazing tank in the rush war. Top 50 alliance war and he bounced 3 and od once.
I also use him in my regular purple stack which works against yellow tanks and also tel tanks. If tel fires first then grimble fires, quintus will charge fully which should be enough to win it.

You have a very similar setup so could get it to run similarly. Quintus is half a step down from c quintus but is still a huge damage dealer when buffed. And those sorcerer emblems arent likely to be going anywhere soon…

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Quintus for veryfast tournaments/wars or wait for a better one.

Quintus with emblems on attack path is huge for titans. I have costumed Quintus at +19 and
I use him also on raids and war regularly. Yes he is only firing after 12 tiles, but this is most of the time just one additional combination. Combined with Tiburtus ( with or without costume) and he is devastating.

I am cheap to play, I have leveled two Sartanas, one Domitia and costumed Quintus and
I always chose Sartana +12 and cQuintus +19 (over 900 attack!) as my one two hint and combine them either with Rigard, Sabina or Tiburtus.


Unfortunately the OP does not have Costume Quintus.

In case OP got Quintus’ costume, I’d 100% vote or C Quintus over 2nd Sartana.

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My personal priority is always titan team first. Unemblemed Quintus has 747 attack vs Sartana 694. My Quintus is in 4th tier now and his tile damage will help my yellow titan team a lot.

Also OP already has Grimble leveled. Grimble and Quintus have nice synergy when facing minions- Grimble will charge Quintus making a powerful combo


Quintus has value in anything that modifies speed to very fast - the tourneys and now wars. He’ll add diversity there that a second Sartana can’t.

Ohh sorry i forget i have tiburtus+0 with costume at full 4-70

Not spender, only sometimes a litle.

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If you are a spender, then I would hold those tabards for other better purple legendaries. But if not, Quintus firing after costumed Tiburtus will deal massive AOE damage to all enemies.


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