Advice about Quintus 5* hero

I got him and wonder is he good to max him?
He is slow and got only attack no bonuses.
Is he good for attacks or defense?
I got purple 5* only him.

He doesn’t have a great reputation, but he would be good in rush tournament, and eventually purple stack, and like they say any 5* you have is better than one you don’t, grats on your first dark 5* !


Maybe is better to wait another dark one?

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I would. I have Quintus costumethat I haven’t levelled. There are so many better purples.


If he is maxed I bet when he hits its good damage.
But he is slow

If your free to play (FTP), then I’d say max him when you hit 10-12 Tabbards. He is slow, but he’s better than Obakan!


Do you already have a solid bench of 4* stars? How many tabards do you have?

If you dont have a deep 4☆ hero bench my advise is to focus on those epics while you wait for a better purple like Sartana or Domitia.

If you happen to be drawing in tabards as i was in tonics, i had 20 tonics and 0 greens to work on, then go ahead Quintus hits hard and would be useful in rush tournaments. I maxed an Elkanen because i had plenty of tonics. Otherwise i wouldnt have maxed him.
Its the same with your Quintus. It depends on your roster and mats disponibility.


Also i dont think you can blankly say sartana or Dominita is better than Quintus, in your particiular situation.

I have an all AOE mono team set up and because of that I use C Quintus (formerly Quintus) and my Sartana is permanently benched until her trials come up. Putting Sartana in that team would mean 1 dead opponent after all specials fire vs 3 to 5 dead opponents.

So depending on how you set up your team or teams, a Quintus may be a good fit or may not work very well.

As a general comment slow heroes can have a significant impact in the game as long as you team them up appropriately with some other faster heroes.


And what is the OP situation? Do you know it? As far as i know he said Quintus was the only dark 5☆ availabe. Do you find it a good advise to say that Quintus could work for him ?
I wont go that far without knowing OP 4☆ bench to recommend him quintus to make an AOE team… in fact as you pointed it seems like you are sitting in a pro Quintus team in detriment of better heroes like Sartana or Domitia that would be a better investment as first maxed Dark.

Pd: You have c.Quintus which has an important boost(mana and stats) . The op only has classic Quintus. And without counting if you have maxed troop. Id like to know if OP has even mana dark troops


My apologies, I probably didn’t say it in the way that I intended. I mean to say that you can’t say Sartana or Dominita is better than Quintus, in any given situation.

I did move on to specify that Quintus may or may not work, depending on the team config.

Yes, I do find it good advice to say that Quintus could work for him. I am not recommending he make an AOE team, I am saying that for most heroes their worth is situational and not fixed.

If he had Sartana and Quintus on hand it would be an entirely different conversation. I am saying not to discount Quintus, as his first and only 5* dark, based on some feedback saying to wait until he has another 5*. Depending oh his other heroes and how he plays, this Quintus may be worth working with rather than waiting for a potential eternity to get a hero which may not even be better for him situationally


Ok , got it now. And my apologies if i missunderstood your point.
Anyways. It would be more helpful for us if he shows us his roster. Otherwise we are talking in general speaking.


Twenty thumbs upssssss

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Well at least Elkannen isn’t exactly awful. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldnt say awful. My main problem with him is that i think hes in a wrong class. I mean , it could be because i have too much competition for cleric emblems, even in the 4☆ tier . I think that a better class for elk could have been Fighter. I emblemed BT long ago and i was able to gather enough emblems now to start with a 5☆.
On the other hand i need lots of cleric emblems to fill my 4☆ cleric demand(Mist, Hansel, Rigard).

Another thing is elk damage. I have been trying him these days paired with Almur, hansel and caedmon and i still feel i dont do damage enough. Elk is one of the weakest hitters in the team. He at least is sturdy.


I just don’t have emblems for him until Mist is +18

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Thanks a lot for advices. This is what I got maxed already.

I would wait until you have 10 or 11 tabbards before I give some to quintus. I assume you are f2p

Proteus is superior (I have 2 maxed)
Jabber is fine
Ameonna very situational and does not get much love

Assuming you have at least one TC20 running you will get a rigard and a tiburtus by the time domitia or sartana will show up.

Rigard is a must Max 4* for his sturdiness, healing and most important cleansing (I have 2 with costumes and emblembed and will make a 3rd one soon)

Tiburtus def down on 3 is super helpful pushing the damage of all direct hitters (quintus included).

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I got them to but not maxe

Max Tiburtus as soon as you can.
Tiburtus, Jabber, Proteus, Quintus are a decent semi AOE team. Once you get Rigard it will complement the team nicely.

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I forgot I have her to

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