Second Domitia or Quintus?

So I seemed to have drawn the short straw when it comes to purple heroes. I have two 4.80 of each color but purple. I have enough materials (but time) to get two purple heroes to 4.80. Who should my second 4.80 purple hero be my Second Domitia or Quintus?

I only mention the extra materials from the stand point someone says to wait for a better purple five star.

None. But if u really want to spend it, better going for variety rather than duplicate. So quintus

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I am sitting now with almost the exact question. Two Dom’s seem to me to be the better choice. Quintus with slow seems less attractive.

I’m anticipating levelling Quintus because there are so few 5* sorcerers.

Apart from Sabina, there’s hardly any worth the emblems.

So Quintus will probably get the lot and hopefully be a real beast when he finally goes off. And the delay talent is reasonably good.

Quintus after his buff is playable, use him or wait. But I would go on and level him at least to 3/70 and use him and see if he fits your play style.

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I am actually thinking of giving Quintus tabbards before Sartana.

I have Kunchen Victor Khiona Seshat all maxed for dark.

Natalya is my sorcerer with emblems and I really don’t know how to use her or where to use her.

So Quintus may get beefed up some when he gets maxed. And I know how to use him. He hits like a truck.

I have Quintus sat at 3/70. And I also have his costume. The only other 5* Dark in my roster is Domitia at +4.
I have waited 8 months for another 5* Dark and I get every other colour but.
Is there any real benefit to a max Quintus with or without his costume

If you are F2P/ C2P I’d just go for Quintus. He’s not really that bad on offence lol… His DoA is pretty good & with the costume it gives a nice attack debuff.

Evidence that you’ve waited 8 months is a pretty good indicator that nothing better is guaranteed to come along.

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