Purple 5 star help

Hey team, hope all is well. So I have a question about who to ascend with my next purple 5 star as I just got my 6th tabard. I have Sartana and Domitia C already ascended. I have a second Domitia and Quintus at 3.70. Can I ascend the second Domitia with Costume bonus even though I have only one costume? Should I ascend either of those or wait? I’m F2P so not expecting anything outside TC20

You have to level costume each dupe you have if want the bonus.

Depending on what 4* you have I´d consider ascending Quintus, The new VF war mode makes him very interesting.

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you you need one copy of the costume to apply it to as many dups trips, etc WITHOUT another costume copy

I’m in the minority, I’m sure, but I actually like Quintus, especially if you’re FTP. I’m not and leveled him anyway for rush events but I’ve been using him on my mono purple team. I surround him with enough fast heroes that his slowness isn’t a problem. With some emblems he’s really quite decent

Yes, you only need one costume to give that bonus to any number of duplicate heroes of the same name. Bear in mind you can only level the costume as far as the hero is levelled in terms of number of stripes

I’d probably do a second Dom C rather than Quintus, but I don’t have other ascended past 3-70, so my opinion on that isn’t that helpful

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It depends on your roster, play style and mats. Since you’ve already maxed a Costume Dom, I vote for first Quintus.

If you’ve got spare Sorcerer emblems for Quintus, he can be even more useful on titans (due to high tile damage) and for very fast wars and raid tournaments.

There are several responses that make your question re costumes, even though it is not the answer you likely want.

I would recommend Quintus since a. diversity is good, b. you can’t level heroes you don’t have (especially true for F2P), and c. slow heroes are slightly less unattractive with the VF war mode as @Peazomanco points out.

Ok thanks all for the great replies. Quintus it is an I have pretty much no one with sorcerer emblems so i will be able to get him pretty high. I think he will go well with costume tiburtus