Alkashards for emblem chasers

Now that “only” 1000 Alkashards are needed to go after additional materials and emblems, I think that I will start running the Alchemy lab with three parallel recipes.
To help me decide which ones I set up a spreadsheet with and without “boosts”.
I think the levels I’ll be actually able to run will depend on how much materials and food I’ll be able to use for this purpose.
In case anyone is interested, the spreadsheet is here:

Please let me know if you spot any error (or if you need more info on how to use it).

I’ve added a calculator to know WHEN a given combination of transformation levels will give 1000 (or more) alkashards in the first sheet.
I’ve also added two sheets (plus two graphics) to analize the efficiency of any combination of three transformations. You will need to make copy of the spreadsheet play with filters and sorting to analyze the data you are interested.
For example you can check which combination has less than 1.2 Gems per alkashard and does not use level 8B. Not easy to use, I have to admit, but I hope someone may find it useful.


Thanks, very informative and can plan which is best based on food and times :+1:
Currently doing level 2 (1B). Which is I only have AL on lvl 2, but this lvl I think is great.
As soon as SH25 finished, I will continue to lvl AL and HA both.

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@Rael Thank you for sharing your spreadsheet. I was planning to do this since I want a summary of each levels of the Alchemy Lab, including the pros and cons of each level. But you already beat me to the punch.

Alright. So, I have AL3A [Transmute 4 common ascension materials (ideal is 2 training manuals, 1 practice sword and 1 rugged clothes, resulting to 1 adventurer’s kit)] giving me 56 shards per day. I also have AL10A and AL10B both currently running.

AL10A gives off 1050 shards per week at the cost of 12 farmable rare ascension items (tall boots, scabbard, chainmail and battle manual), 125k food and 100 gems. I think I can manage the gems because I still have VIP.

AL10B is only ideal if you have an imbalance of Damascus Blade vs Tome of Tactics and has helped me minimize the difference between them to 2. And since I am not going to regularly farm here for shards, I am looking for better AL function that can provide me with the most shards per day at a minimal cost of food. What should it be?


@Ultra I’ve added some more data and a couple of graph. It’s not really intuitive but what is the “best combination” depends by too many factors (i.e. which materials you have in abundance, whether you have the VIP pass and want to invest that gems into alkashards, etc, etc).

Hope it will help.


@Rael You are an angel. Thank you so much.

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Maybe an example can be useful:
I asked myself:

What is the best combination of three recipes to run assuming that:

  • I want to maximize the alkashard per hour production
  • I want to minimize the food per hour consumption
  • I’m willing to pay for boosts
  • I want to use only gems generated by my VIP subscription (i.e. 1.25 gems/hour)
  • I don’t want to use battle items

I sorted the data by Alk/hour, Food per hour and Gems per hour. Filtered out the unwanted levels and the combinations with gems/hour greater than 1.25
The reulting graph gives me the options I have. Since I have enough materials and 13K of food per hour is sustainable for me, I’ll go with 3B+7A+7B.

I also checked how long will take to reach 1000 Alkashard using the first sheet (Data):

Meaning that I can expect 10 emblems every 4 days.

I hope this clarifies things a bit.

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1000 alkashards for 30 emblems is unfair regarding the other offers for 1000alkashards:
A 3* ascension item (eg. Gloves) costs around 300gems. Also, at the last line, the 5xbattle items cost even more (above 400gems) but at the shop you can buy 2x15 emblems for 175gems… where is the offer then?
Imho they should give more Emblems for the 1000alkashards offer!
What you think?

I think it’s fair, since you do get emblems much, much more easier now

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