Updated Alchemy lab calculator?

Is there an updated alchemy lab calculator that lists rewards for each level of transmutation including alkashard rewards? I’ve been looking unsuccessfully.

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Yes. There’s a guide by Zephyr with an infographic by Cap here with building, research, ingredient cost, and alkashards produced:

There’s also this thread listing recommended levels for Alkashard farming (personally I would add 1A in there at the top bullet):

EDIT: oh if you mean an updated calculator like the one Mags created in Google Sheets, I don’t believe that’s been done for the new lab. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is the AL V2 sheets table by @Vikingblood80 :

And here is my image version of table:


Thanks everyone. Much appreciated!

Hi Dave,

did this like 6 weeks ago…or something.

Thx @jinbatsu for pointing it out :hugs: :relaxed:


Yep, I noted that later :stuck_out_tongue: I hadn’t seen it in the updated thread, but I’ll add it now

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