Talents on 4*

I have kashhrek boldtusk wu kong and sonya on 6 talents. Is it worth going further with talents on 4* or should i keep them for 5*? Im currently working on 2nd and 3rd lvl 20 TC and have Margaret and black panther on 3-70. I have mats for full asension of yellow and blue 5*.

Please recomend good guides on the topic.


I don’t think there’s a true consensus reg emblems and what’s best.

@Gryphonknight has written a lot about a logical approach to emblems - I found it very helpful and it made me choose a path where I emblem key heroes (for me, that is).

Before I had a 5* blue sniper and a 5* hitter with def debuff, I emblemed 4s for those tasks in PvP/on titans. These guys also helped out in trials, collecting more emblems. Two reset buttons used once I had the right 5s.

However, some of my 4s will keep their emblems and go to max even though I have 5s waiting in their classes; Jackal, Falcon, Wilbur to mention a couple.

And then, some really good 4s have gotten 3 nodes to balance a weakness enough to bring them to diamond raids; Proteus and Hansel for example. They will keep their emblems for now.

For you, if you don’t have anyone else waiting and find that you need your heroes beefier for offense, it will be worth it to take BT, Wu and maybe Sonya further. I wouldn’t spend more on Kasshrek, you’ll outgrow him quickly and he’s horrible on offense.

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