4* dupes and general advice

Hey guys!
I need some advice. I have dupes for LiXiu, Sabina and Rigard. I have costumes for Li and Sabina (both on emblems already). Do you think it’s worth to keep any of this dupes? I’m c2p.

Another thing is who should I ascend next in each colour.

In addition I have few 5* waiting for materials or for finishing other heroes (viscaro, krampus, balbar, Russel, isarnia) and Scarlett

Got already maxed:
Blue- Frank, Sonya, alexandrine, russula 3.70, nordri
Purple- Sabina c, Proteus, Rigard, tiburtus
Yellow-li xiu c, Wu Kong, Griffin, Chao 3.60, Hu tao 3.60. vivica 3.70
Red- Kelile, gormek, boldtusk, colen, zimkhita.
Green- tettukh, melendor, LJ 3.60, garjamal, Liana 3.70, Evelyn 3.70.

As you can see I have many green heroes and I think Franz and Brynhild are next, just not sure on what order. Kiril will be next blue but what after that? In read guardian falcon for sure. Yellow and purple are my weakest

Many thanks in advance for any help!

I have dups of li, Rigard, and Sabina. However you have so many unleveled heroes that may take priority over a dip, and as season one heroes you’ll easily replace them. So I’d feed the dups of those
Three away right away.

Almur, franz, falcon stand out to me. After that Fermat and Hansel. Kiril is solid. I use mine often. Cheshire Cat isn’t great, but his defense down for titans is something you could be using for a while (I use treevil).

But you’ve got a long list of heroes to level. It will take a while to get to them. Some you may never end up using.


Max the healers first

I think there’s value in keeping dupe Sabina (esp. you have her costume) and Rigard. I think Cheshire Cat is your only other unmaxed 4*? so you will soon get to the Purples. They’re worth the extra roster space in my opinion, will come in handy in Tower events, war… I have 2 of each maxed. Very good specials and can mix anywhere.

I’m not sure if a dupe Li Xiu will be needed. I had two, but ended up feeding one away… you have a Chao who can combo well with your one Li Xiu anyway. Li Xiu shines more on defense, where one is usually enough. I would do Danzaburo first if you have some tolerance for the random nature of his special. Perhaps keep Li Xiu for now, could also be useful for war anf the Tower events…


For Arrows wars it is a good thing to have two healers per attack team. With six attscks you need 12 healers. If you want to have some freedom of choice regarding the colors of the healers, 1-2 extra would be nice. So I would keep dupe Rigard and Sabina.
If you need roster space feed away dupe Li Xiu, one is ok a second not necessary, and I can not stand Danza! Sometimes he is great, often he will loose a battle for you. If I loose then because of bad boards or bad decissions from myself, not because of an unreliable hero.
All healers, def down or elemental def down heroes like almur or falcon are very important and should ascended first.

Happy gaming

P. S. Cheshire Cat is very niche too, a candidate to feed away…

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Got some good advice already. Except for Danzaburo. Get rid of Danzaburo. Feed it away and don’t look back.

Y’all are underselling Danza. The S1 epic yellows are all pretty meh, so it isn’t like he has to be amazing to crack into a lineup or two for most F2P/C2P players. 2/3 of the time, Danza does something awesome. 1/3 of the time he does nothing, but doesn’t really hurt you that much, either. He’s also survivable, with good HP and def stats. If you need him to win a match, you’ll be disappointed sometimes. But he was my first - and for a long time, only - epic yellow, so I used him A LOT, and I think it’s an overstatement to say he will lose the match “often”. The times he disappoints just tend to stick out more if you don’t use him much, but over the long haul, you’ll see him work over a whole time with his swords special as often as he disappoints.


Have Sabina and Rigard fully leveled, limit broken, full emblems x 2. Only have one 5* healer, Vivica.
Only one LiXu in costumed, leveled and emblem. Although, I don’t use her much.

I find healers that can dispel or cleanse, while not taking damage like other dispellers, very useful.

Maybe if I had other 5* healers, I may not, but have had the rngJesus bless me with those yet.

I see Zila Lei up there on your roster…I am a huge fan of hers. I actually limit broke her on my alt and have her +15 on emblems right now. At fast mana, she can do some damage to the snipers/hitters that tend to be on the wings. I think she is a worthwhile max.

I personally keep multiple copies of healers, because they are crucial for tower events. And both Sabina and Rigard are great healers.

Danzaburo was my first and only 4* yellow for a long time as well. The OP isn’t in that situation. They have other choices. Mats towards him would be regrettable in their situation.

Almost done with her myself. Glad to see this positive review. Won’t have emblems for a while, though.

We can agree to disagree on that. The only yellow epic hero on OP’s roster that I see as a clear cut upgrade over Danza is Griffin. Wu is great for titans, of course, but I have never found Li, Chao, or Hu Tao terribly effective at much of anything. YMMV, of course.


I hope I’m not too late seeing this thread - please don’t eat the cat! I can’t deny it’s very niche, but unique and fun, and looks glorious! Also, being a challenge event hero, it’s very difficult to replace. If you ever decided you wanted one after all, you can’t just say “I’ll save the next one that pops up” because it quite possibly never would.

Edit: a hero from one of the retired challenge events, no less. So it may never be available again or, more likely, only once or twice a year at best.


You can get it at HA8….

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Please don’t follow this advice. Cheshire Cat shines on purple (mythic) titans.

Edit: I meant holy titans ofcourse…


Well, true, yes, you could

Try trevil and/or Wilbur…
Only def down is not so much…

Happy gaming

Do you even know what Chesire Cat does? It’s not a normal def down. You can use him on top of all other defence downs (even edd) against holy.

Wow that’s a lot of advice in here! Appreciate all of them! I decided to feed away dupe li and Rigard (waiting for his costume).
As of purple I’ll max viscaro now, then Cheshire cat if nothing better pops up.
For green is Franz, then Brynhild and almur(Evelyn does his job).
I also think I’ll max vivica since I luck yellows except Danza and s1 heroes.
Red I’ll go with falcon now. Got some other good heroes so I’m happy here

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Danzaburo on Defense

I agree 100%

My Danzaburo 4*+1 is currently on all my War defense teams

My Danzaburo 4*+1 is currently on my Raid defense team ( low Platinum )

Class quest

I really like Danzaburo 4*+1 for both Rogue Class Quests ( see notes )


This may change when I LB my first yellow heroes, or if I decide to level Hanitra to 5*+1 ( testing Hanitra at 5* 3.70, biggest drawback, Hanitra special skill is not useful against mobs while Wu Kong c^4*+18, 2x Jackal, and Danzaburo 4*+1 are useful against mobs, and Bosses )

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