Advice on my hero roster, please

Hi all,

I’m fairly new, and find these boards incredibly helpful. I’m looking for advice on which of my heroes I should work on, and who isn’t worth it. Any thoughts will be welcome!

Thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re off to a good start! My opinion on where to go next is:

-use 2* heroes to max Kiril (assuming he’s maxed his special), and 1* blues to start Grimm. Grimm is great for dropping defense, especially vs. titans.

-save your green ascension materials (sturdy shield) for a better green 4*. Gobbler is a niche hero IMO, for when you’re raiding someone that has heroes with minion-spawning abilities, or in special event quests, like in this Christmas event.

-Li and Sabina are the worth ascension materials.

-Level Sonya after Grimm. Both are worth the materials.

-Scarlett and Rudolph are both solid, but I’d focus on Scarlett first.

How’s your inventory of ascension materials?

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This is super helpful, thanks!

Ascension materials are:

I need compasses…!

@elusive said everything. I can add only: use you bacjpakcs in training camp lvl 2


@Feezy Yep, you need compasses! Bring Sabina up as soon as you get them would be your best route. A solid healer/debuffer is a great addition in all aspects of this game. It’s going to be a while before you you get capes for Grimm, so I’d probably level Scarlett with your 2nd Compass, unless you get capes first somehow.

You’re the best, thank you!

This is good advice. You have a lot of great defensive heroes (Li, Kiril Sabina) and you need some punch. Scarlett will fill that role nicely.

Just a note that every one of those heroes are worth maxing at some point. Jahangir is your weakest hero by far, but he’s already maxed, so no issue. You might think about replacing him with Rudolph in the near term - it wouldn’t take much to max him before you start on Scarlett and he’s much more impactful than Jahangir, in my opinion.

Thanks, Jalia :slight_smile: I think Jahangir was my first level 3 after Bane, so I just threw everything at him and then sort of got used to him. I’ve tested out Rudolph and I’ll definitely keep him in the mix while I work on Scarlett.

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