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2021-Dec Survival, Trials of


[482] Grimm b.4* 3.60,

[656] Grimm b.4*+18,

[619] Danzaburo 4*+1,

[526] Scarlett b.4*+18,

[zero] Jackal 4*+1

[x]=[HP left]

b.= base hero, no costume

b+= base hero with costume bonus

b^= base hero with maximum costume bonus

c+= costume and costume bonus

X^Y+Z= Rarity/ Stars X LB Level ^Y Class +Z example b.5^85+15

Battle items

[05] 5x Heal 500 HP

[06] 10x Antidotes

[02] 5x Bear banners

[20] 20x Heal 100 HP

[x]= number of battle item used


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2x Grimm ( b.4*+18 and b.4* 3.60 )

With 3x Red Bosses - even dead - they do strong normal damage / tile damage / matching damage

Yellow and Glass Cannons



Update, Harpoons, and Titanium shields, also a good choice

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