4* heros to level

I have a situation as lack of experience
I hve a rainbow of 3* heros : bane - hawkmoon - gunnar- brienne - balthazar all are almost ascended and some of them custome beside i hve rainbow of valhala for 3* start ascending also … Bjorn and his fellows.

Now iam working on 4* heros
And iam planning for
1)Mist or chao or Li xiu or huo tao
2) grimm Or mireweave
3) BT Or Sumle or kelile
4)little john/ Skettleskul custome
5)stonecleave/ tiburtus Or sabina

I need to level a Raid team first as periority and for tournaments so i need ur help to choose.

For defense iam using 5* heros , whom iam using also for Titans.

I would go with Mist, Grimm, Boldtusk, Skittleskull, Tiburtus.

And yes that’s two with defense down but they will also both serve you well against titans, along with Boldtusk.


I’d park those 5s for now.

Blue: grimm (defense dropper)
Red: boldtusk (attack buff)
Yellow: mist (don’t have, but looks good)
Purple: sabina (dispel)
Green: little John (High attack stats for titan)


The reasons for Sabina and little John are solid. If exclusively leveling 4* now I would do my list first and Sabina as soon as you level 5* again since she needs to be in that line.

I was going to go for Little John but has the same ability as Mist and the costume for Skittleskull helps. Until you have better heroes his high attack will indeed be wanted for blue titans but titans seems a lesser priority. I did choose 3 Titan heroes but that was a bonus to being a good raid team until you get the resources to build 5*.

It’s also a bit of preference. I usually only run with one healer, some like two. If autofarming low levels the multi hit heroes will speed it up.


Honestly, I just can’t look at skittle. I know that’s just awful of me. :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging::rofl:


I wouldn’t use a rainbow team for titans. I’d play with color stacking.
As for your choices, I’d go with:

Yellow: Mist (crowd control) - she’s fast, def down for specials, mana slow, hits 3 and prevents them from getting buffs.
Blue: Grimm - one of the best blue 4* in the game. Hard hitting with def down. Also, don’t sleep on Kiril, he’s a very versatile support hero.
Red: BT - one of the best red 4* in the game, heals and boosts your attacks to much higher damage.
Green: not sure, I’m not a fan of either. I won’t advise you to do what I do, but I would feed green feeders to Brienne or other 4* and wait for Caedmon, Brynhild, Melendor etc.
Purple: Burt or Sabina. I’d say Burt is more useful overall, but since you have a pulverizer in Grimm and no dispeller like Sonya or Caedmon, Sabina may serve you well. I wouldn’t max them just yet, though. If you land Rigard, I’d give those traps to him.

As for 5*, it’s not advised to develop 5* in the beginning, mainly because they take a lot more resources and maxed 4* are often better than unascended 5*. That said, look for 5* who are valued for their special effects rather than stats. If the value of the special is independent of their stats (like Isarnia’s def down), I would level her at some point after Grimm because she’ll be useful at lower levels. But the ones who are mainly valued for their attack values will not be used to their full potential.

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Small clarification. I never advised for rainbow titan teams. The heroes mentioned will be good for the titans that they are strong against. Color stacking is a bit in the future though. For most titans it will probably have to be 2 1 1 1 for a while. 2 strong and no weak hero. A 4/70 off color is better than 1/1 hero in the right color and it will take months to level up decent titan teams. Also keep Wu Kong and level him when you get him. Necessity for all titans (Unless you own Miki/Tarlak/Ranvir).


blue : grimm > kiril
yellow : mist > li xiu
purple : sabina > tiburtus
red : BT > sumle
green : LJ > skittle

for raid, i usually focus on attack team. So, i build attack team with 3-2 formation.


I’d say both but Kiril may be more valuable than Grimm imo. Everything else? Absolutely.


I don’t necessarily disagree but with the best choices in red and purple being healers, I think grimm is needed for some damage.

If you go Tibs over Sabina, then it’s better to choose Kiril over grimm. (imo) but you now lose the dispel.


Good points! I looked at the original post again and my pick would be Mist, BT, Grimm, (just pulled him a few weeks ago) Skittles? over LJ? with Mist in action?? (6 of one half a dozen of the other really but LJ has the higher attack stat) and Sabina (my third ever 4 star!)


Grimm is the best ramming pulverizer than tiburtus and gormek so I prefer grimm especially when you give him +19 emblem. He will become one of your favorite heroes.

as @Math4lyfe say, you need dispeller. Sabina has it.

for green, i will wait for melendor or caedmon.


good choice… hope you have a good team 4*


My tiburtus wants to disagree a little bit with you


Based on my experience, as a free to play player that is now in a mid game stage (finished season I and season II normal, not competing but recently finishing almost every quest event) I should repeat you the advices that helped my the most to developt my roster (I could link the original posts, but uff, my lazy brain…)
You have none of the 3☆ you are showing almost finished, and that is a big mistake. You want them at the least for the rare tier in challenges event.
About the heroes tier powers: 3☆<5☆ at 2/60<4☆ at 3/60<5☆ at 3/60< fully maxed 4☆. If you are not aware of the “mat wall” search about it in the forum. The “mat wall” means your 5☆ won’t be of any use to you right now.
So, what is adviced to newvies (not my wisdom, general forum consensum). 1 Ascend a heroe fully before ascending other, unles you do not have the needed ascension materials (“mats”). 2 Ascend first 3 3☆ of each colour, you need 3 rainbow teams of 3☆ fully maxed (but whithout emblems) before you start whith your first 4☆ rainbow team. 3 Ascend 3 4☆ rainbow teams before you start with your first 5☆ rainbow team.
About your 4☆, I will sugest: wait on green, and aim for a healer (Melendor ideally). Ascend the pulverizing trio (Gormek, Grimm, Tiburtus). Ascend Mist. After that, work in healers (Boldstuk and Kiril for sure, Sabina maybe, although her deffense is very low). This is my personal, biassed oponion, is just that I love deffense down too much.


I’m in a bit of a levelling dilemma at the moment too. I have gloves for 5 4*, capes, orbs, hidden blades, trap tools and I’m short 1 sturdy shield and as you can tell here I have ~20 waiting at least.. I cannot make a decision.

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my grimm send a smile for your tiburtus :smile:


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I thought you were the one who made the post … LOL

I always choose a hero who will often be used especially for war. :slight_smile:


Both are great heroes and very useful… I have tibs and grimm maxed and emblemed.

I didn’t have any hero besides grimm to use barb emblems on… and when I took him to +20, we were still seeing plenty of yellow and purple tanks for war.
Now, my blues are relegated to clean up… and my Athena trumped grimm, so I benched him. Tibs’ costume is awesome. I use him a lot, pairing him with rigardC.

That being said, I’d still max sabina over tibs for her dispel. You’ll max both eventually, it’s just a matter of priority. :woman_shrugging:


I would suggest not to work on any of the 4* for now . You still don’t have a fully leveled 3* team . If you want to go high in tournaments and complete rare challenge event you need to have atleast 2-3 of each colour 3* hero.

All your 4 stars will get stuck at 3.60 untill u get AM. 3 star team helps u to complete rare event which gives 1 3* am


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