4* dupes and general advice

Danza +18 was my raid defense tank (pre-formations) and held me on the border between gold and platinum pretty reliably.

Yes, there were days where he basically owned these quests all by himself. That swords special is really something. Would link to the summaries of those battles, but I think they were before Guvnor consolidated the trials into master threads, so it would take some looking. But honestly, I remember him throwing three or fours swords in a row. It happens, people!


Cat is a normal defense debuff ( same normal defense debuff stats as Pseudo 5* Wilbur if you are lucky enough to have Wilbur ), but only applied to yellow opponents

See also




Happens all the time, if you use Danzaburo ( 1 in 81 odds of FOUR Swords in a row about, same odds as 5* HotM summons chance )

Danzaburo Bottle is also incredibly powerful and has saved my teams many times, especially in Class quests and friendly matches / practice against my Raid defense

I want to try Danzaburo on Yellow LB quest but it will depend on my roster when it first comes around for me ( missed initial appearance )

Class quest Master topics

I try to remember to add links to the old topics when I post to the new master topics, but the forum search function can be finicky, and my memory for 2+ year old posts, not great


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I stand corrected. I was always under the impression that it was something special. Still got me my best titan score though, so I’ll keep using him on yellow titans instead of Wilbur.

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Rumor from Beta
The wording fooled a lot of testers


In the old, old days, 4* debuffs and 5* debuffs stacked

Found this in the draft tab

PS Happy forum cake day!


Yellow titans ( edit2 )

This is a smart strategy

Cat is strong normal damage / tile damage / matching damage versus yellow

Wilbur is strong normal damage / tile damage / matching damage versus blue

Most titan damage is from normal damage / tile damage / matching damage


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