4* are awesome - Shoutout thread

I just want to take a moment to praise the world of 4* heroes. I’ve been at it for just about one year now and am super-satisfied with what I can do in the game without a single 5* hero. The only thing I can’t seem to pull off is beating Atlantis-hard mode and raid my way into diamond arena. I’m F2P, but with a solid bench of S1 4* heroes with emblems, I can beat almost every class quest and challenge event. With raid tournaments and the better loot tiers for challenge events, SG has also added lots of value to the 4* cohort.

Early in my game, I read a post on here suggesting players level up a few solid 3/4* teams before putting any energy into 5* heroes and I’m so glad I took it. A deep bench to choose from goes so much farther than having a single rainbow 5* team in wars, events, titans and quests. Also, emblems make a much bigger impact on 4*s than on 5s as the cost of nodes is much less and the respective bonus is a greater percentage increase (e.g. +15 atk to BT instead of Elena). Is anyone else with me on this?

  • What are some of your favorite synergies in the 4* realm?

  • Who did you bring up duplicates of? Any up to 4/70?

  • Who is still hoarding emblems that could go to a maxed 5* but you just don’t want to?

  • Are there any 4* heroes you’re still lusting for?

  • When you drop gems at the summon gate, which 4s are you secretly hoping for over the 5s from the same event? (cough Jackal!)

  • What makes you focus on leveling a 4* instead of a 5* of the same color?


One of my earliest 4s and undoubtedly MVP is Boril. Although not rated highly by Anchor - whose ratings I take pretty much as gospel sometimes to my detriment - he’s got me past so many tough levels. The lightning horse and skeleton bosses in Atlantis spring to mind. I don’t know how people can get by without him. I went against Anchor’s advice and maxed him and have never looked back. In fact I now have Isarnia on fourth tier still tossing up replacing him in my defence.

Yes would love Jackal and I hear Proteus is a game changer.


I have most 4 star heroes (and a few 5 stars) and agree with you. My favourites are Wilbur, Boldtusk, Porteus and Tritan, then Sabina, Grimm and Kiril I am missing Sonya and Cyprian, and have got Neith and Grimble when I tried for my two elusive heroes…

the healers are an absolute need and glad i have dups and have emblemed one set of each. Then there are, Jackel, Hansel, Sonya and Grimm.!!! I find proteus squishy but with Seshat, Khinoa and Sartana with the both purple healer, I have a hard time fining his use. Then there is Scarlet, another glass canon. with emblems I have to 805HP, 612def and 1219HP but she repeated get clobbered over BT, Marjana or Zim when she is part of the threesome. She was really good when I had more 4’s than 5’s

I want Proteus. I don’t even pull in Atlantis for 5*s. I just want Proteus :disappointed:

Also the Guardians. I saved gems for a 10 pull last time, and got nothing, not even a classic 5* :frowning:

  • I snagged Buddy at the start of January luckily.
  • I got Hansel and Gretel already, don’t need Merlin / Peters quite that much (though still would be nice).
  • Have 1 Lancelot for my red mono team for Epic Challenge Events.
  • Have all Atlantis 4*s except for Proteus, Danzaburo and Agwe (the latter two not high priorities for me).
  • And I have all the classic 4*s.

So basically; Proteus and the 2 Guardians are the only key 4*s I’m missing.


Took me 6 months to get a 4* healer. I now have Sabina and Melendor but had to play aggressively for so long that I often have to remind myself to slow down and heal.

Having a nice stack of 5*, there are still a few 4* who see daily use for all aspects of the game.

Not having a decent 5* Barbarian, Gretel has reached +20 def/hp route. Can now hang with the bigdawgs!

The only multiple 4* heros I have are d/t bordem and cheap to max with only 3* items needed.

3 - G. Jackals
2 - Valeria (would like to have 5 to watch that DoT stack/max quick, or syphone the whole teams hp.

Love, love, love - complements my 4* and 5* alike… He’s up to +18 and those emblems are there to stay.

Amazing synergy with healer-atkbuffers (Kiril, BT) - pick your firing order and either have a huge hit or a bigger heal.
Borrowed his emblems for Lianna, but he’s getting future emblems until back up to +12 at very least.

Gets constant use on raid offense alongside white bunny… +15 and as much as Alice wants to steal his emblems, she can’t have them (she’s got a few but I’m not stripping Jackal).

Wilbur + Wu Kong was my long time favourite. You could explode entire team in a single combo.

Now for 4* tournaments I like some ridiculous mana controlling combos like Merlin - Merlin - Proteus - Hansel.

My 4 star dupes are:

  • Merlin (chose duplicate of him instead of Proteus because I already had Hel maxed)
  • Rigard (best healer in 4* tier, invaluable for wars; thinking about getting 3rd, there’s just too many yellow tanks)
  • Jackal (also for war use, can run 2 yellow stacks with him)

Ones I kept and may max at some point - Grimm, Caedmon, Melendor, Gretel, Buddy, Proteus

Only Grimm having my Barb emblems. My 5* barbs are Miki (3.70 and long ascension queue before him) and Atomos (gonna stay on 3.70 forever once he gets there, but currently prioritizing Brienne over him lol). Grimm at +20 is a beast though, crazy attack stats. He’s in my stack succesfully against top teams.

Hmm, Capt Diamonds and Buddy were the last ones I really wanted but got both last November and December. Still didn’t get a few but none that I’d really want (Rabbits, Pirates, all meh). Now, the costumes are going to be my 4* goal.

None anymore, luckily. Gimme 5s.

Mats. I am drowning in 3 star mats and 4 star mats are always not enough. Maxing 4 star is basically “ah what the hell”. Maxing 5 star is always a few month plotting and analysis. Unfortunately, I am very close to a point where I’ll no longer need even the dupes of 4 stars, and it’s kind of worrying. Glad 3rd Season is ahead to bring some freshness.


I’ve been playing for almost 2 years. Not a whale by any means but I do spend some entertainment funds here. I’ve gotten really lucky with pulls and have a nice roster of 5s to choose from. Regardless, there are a few 4s that I use over some 5s.

  • Bold: One of the best healers in the game IMO. Because of his defense, he can hang out with the cool 5* kids. He’s perfect for the fighter class. A +20 Bold is a beast that can easily hold his own. Plus, you can get him from a training camp.
  • Hansel/Merlin: I love that these guys do damage while stopping an opponents special. Depending on the situation, this can be better than a mana gag hero.
  • Proteus: Similar to Hansel and Merlin. Most prefer Proteus for his mana gag. If it was just a single hero I’d probably not level him, but he take 3 opponents out of the equation.
  • Falcon/Jackal: Their -color def is worth gold in attacks. I just leveled my 2nd Jackal to start my 2nd yellow war stack. Sadly, I only have 1 Falcon :worried:
  • Tibs/Grimm: -def heroes essentially boost your heroes attack. Pair them with Bold and they can be lethal. Tibs costume just made him even better as the -def moves to all heroes instead of 3. Hope they do the same to Grimm…
  • Caedmon: He’s well-rounded on stats and debuffs all your opponents. The one flaw is he hits first so you may have to sacrifice him for the win. But he’s great for the Druid class as the minion takes some of the damage.
  • Boril/Cyprian: I use both on my alt in wars. I love to watch my opponents die a horrible, messy death when they hit my riposte :laughing: They can make an underpowered team into a powerhouse. I often take out 4k+ teams with my 3400 riposte teams. It’s a thing of beauty!

Dupes in Grimm, Rigard, Kiril, Melendor, Caedmon, Sonya. All maxed or on their way. One Grimm is +19, one Mel is +18. I’ve only ever pulled one BT.

Still missing Proteus and that’s the one I want most. Second would be Buddy. I have all the S1 4*'s.

Edit - oh yeah Falcon/Jackal would be nice too.

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Wilbur works well with all heroes that hit all. Jack O’Hare, Little John, Hu Tao, Skittleskul, Colen etc. Adding Wu Kong we get a disaster.

Second Grimm and Boldtusk maxed. Have plans for a second Kirill and Rigard for Alliance Wars.

I’d like to get Proteus.

Lack of 5* worth of ascension. As a c2p I don’t have much choice of 5*.

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I like the 4* a lot. Here’s my favorites


I have a dupe of jackal (and a third at 3/60… and two more at 1/1) only one I’ve pulled the trigger on

I do have triton, Caedmon, Sonya, Hansel, and proteus sitting at 3/60… just waiting to get duped.

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Most devastating combo is wilbur+boldtusk. WIth other 3 red heroes, if they fire - that’s the end of story. Carried me through most of challenges relatively easy.
Next nice combo is kirill+grimm. My grimm is currently on his way to the perfection, but still.
Another nice thing is costumed rigard and tiburtus (costumed, if desired).

As for single heroes - mana controllers to the rescue. Namely, proteus, hansel, merlin, peters, gretel.

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This made me think about this thread:

Just to reminisce about when I got my first 4* heroes. When Triton fires and then one of: Melendor, Rigard, Kiril fire and I get that extra healing it’s a good moment. Anytime Wu Kong goes off and creates a cascade unlike anything I’ve ever seen until the next time it happens still impresses me how much damage he can cause. As far as hoarding emblems I think the ones I have maxed to +20 I have done to increase how many really powerful teams I can utilize. I haven’t leveled a single duplicate hero. Jackal and Wilbur still avoid me, gotta be the two I’d most like to have. If I choose to level a 4* over a 5* then the mats are what determines the route typically. If I had zero darts I’m not trying to level a Poseidon if I have Li Xiu waiting to be leveled.

I lied. I have dupe rigard as well. Oops.

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Jackal is by far my favorite, now that I’ve figured out the game (the Kunchen Killa!)… BUT…

Back in those heady days, running and gunning in the mean streets of Platinum Tier… I really counted on these guys:

Rigard - the dapper dandy cleanser
Boldtusk - that’s that ORC
Boril - the most feared beard around
Hansel - dashing dude with the 9-tile special stopper

I have a great fondness for those heroes.


I was able to finish Atlantis-hard with mostly 4*s. I took out Ursena with: Triton, Kiril, Skittleskull, Sabina, and 3/70 Aegir. Aegir contributed his defense buff (which I would fire off when Kiril’s ran out), so I’m confident I could have beaten this with a 2nd Kiril in place of Aegir.

So… it IS possible with the right 4*s :smile:

I have all the classic 4*s (except Rigard), plus 2 Proteus, Sir Lancelot, Triton, Jack O’Hare, Valeria, Gobbler and Agwe. I have maxed/am maxing all except Kashhrek (not interested), Gobbler, Boril and Agwe (too many Blues ahead in queue…)

I am definitely hoping for Jackal and Falcon over Owl and Kong in Guardians… and also hoping for Wilbur! Merlin, Hansel and Gretel, Peters would be nice, but less of a priority as I have 2 maxed Proteus (yay!). I also hoped for Buddy, maybe next year. Would love Rigard so I have another cleanser (Aeron currently the only 4*/5* one I have). The rest, I wouldn’t mind getting, but not priorities for me.


I have duplicate kiril, Boldtusk, Rigard, Wilbur and proteus. 2 of each at 70. Oh and the Chao x2 but I think Chao sucks lol. Triple Grimm, I love Grimm. I don’t use proteus that much except for the emblem quests and 4* tourney. Didn’t need 2. But I don’t miss the trap tools anyways. Planning to continue maxing Rigard’s when I have the time/resources. Pretty low on food at all times. But Rigard is excellent, one of the best heroes in the game. If I could put a Rigard on 6 war teams I think I would. Still really really need a jackal. Yellow is my weakest color and everybody uses purple tanks these days. Pretty annoying. Favorite combo is probably boldtusk+Wilbur+falcon. 3 red tiles later and that’s an entire dead team. Plus those guys are pretty tough with def/hp, they can actually take some hits from 5* defenders. Unlike Melendor or something who just dies to a slash attack lmao


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