Looking for All-Star Classic 4* Defense Team. Bonus wall of text with my story of playing 6 weeks

Bonus Wall of Text

First time poster here. I’ve been playing 6 weeks and been lurking and reading here just as long. What a fantastic community and resource for new players. Following y’alls advice I’m well on my way to SH20(started 17 tonight,) with iron storage already upgraded for 18. Did a rainbow 3*, then a 4*. I’m doing the recruit bank TC11, skipping to get chests, farming 8.7 or elsewhere as needed, etc. If it’s in a player guide here and considered good strategy, I’m doing it. Well, at least I’m hopefully doing it.

I’m C2P, I guess? If they put a sale up for 30$ or less I’ll most likely get it. So I have done a few 10x pulls(several ill-advised) and a 30x Atlantis last month. I ended up with several of the unique 4* so just went with them as my first rainbow 4* team. Wu, Proteus, Wilbur, Kiril, Caedmon. They’re all on final ascension now nearing max. I was able to complete all levels of Avalon and the couple rare quests recently. Side note: I started April 5 and had no idea what guardians were. Wish I’d pulled for them instead of chasing 3* to make my first rainbow team, ugh.

Thankfully, in all those I pulled no 5* except two Anzogh. 5* are pie in the sky to me at this point, for reasons I’m well aware of. Honestly, I like it. I’m a jump through hoops kinda guy, so building slowly and not getting out over my skis is appealing. So, I have a ton of 4* and 3* and am perfectly fine and happy to level them and make my Titan teams, Emblem quest teams, War bench, Mono teams etc.

Then came Atlantis Rising. As fate would have it, after buying all four of the gem specials, I was sitting on 2974 gems. Would have had 2600 more but I made a late night holy 10x pull earlier in the week looking for a 4* project after Wu. RNGesus smiled upon me and gave me…3 more Wu. What a blessing to be short for that 10x Atlantis pull I would have surely taken. I was meant to spend those gems on world energy refills instead, so I obliged. Now I’ve got 13 days of TC2 training(thank you @BarryWuzHere for the updated spreadsheet, 1.3 or 1.9 FTW) and I was able to advance from S2 3.1 to 12.1 normal on auto play, which got me 5 pulls to boot. Oh, and level up twice.

Clearly Atlantis Rising is a game changer, especially for newish players. Not brand new players, but those with enough hero’s that need leveling, and have the willpower to save loot tickets, flasks, and gems. I won’t be doing any pulls for the next few months(famous last words) but instead saving up for this event to farm to level the hero’s I already have. Advice: If you do this, make sure to come into the event with iron storage empty, and no long builds, because it will pile up faster than you can imagine.

In that time, I’ll get TC20 going and it will immediately train all the 4* classic that I don’t have(with no dupes or 5*.) Which brings us to the question at hand.

You have every classic 4* and all are maxed. You want to set up a raid defense team that will help you stay high in cups. Who are you going with, in what order, and why?

Thank you for coming to my TED talk


I should have gone first with my limited knowledge all star team. I don’t have them all. Results not guaranteed

Grimm, Boldtusk, Li, Rigard, Melandor


Kashhrek as tank is probably the best bet, with damage dealers abounding around him, probably some mix of Grimm, Tiburtus, Li Xiu or Chao, and Colen or Scarlett.

Out of those, I think Grimm/Tiburtus/Kashhrek/Li Xiu/Colen or Chao/Tiburtus/Kashhrek/Grimm/Scarlett are sort of the directional extremes.

The former is the beefiest center 3, and avoids putting a blue next to Kashhrek for a smart attacker who would stack green instead of red. With purple and yellow flanks, stacking either purple or yellow will be weak against one of the flanks. This team is meant to slow a bad board while dealing some hits, and then finish everyone off with heavy hits from Grimm and Colen.

The latter team throws caution to the wind, and puts hitters in the spots where they can fire fastest. It relies on heavy but fragile hitters, with Grimm in a riskier flank position, and Scarlett on defense at all. A smart attacker and a decent board will blow a hole in Grimm and Scarlett early enough to give themselves space to ghost. But against an attacker who myopically focuses on Kashhrek — especially if they stack red — it’ll do its job punishing them for the bad decision.


Hi Keyz. Very nice progress in such a short time. From my experience too much healers in raid defence is not effective, in your setup of classic 4 stars i would replace melendor with caedmon (who is fast instead of average, less squishy than melendor), the rest seems fine


If you had all classic four stars available and levelled I think the best D would be something like:

Grimm BT Kashrek Li Xiu Tiburtus

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Welcome @Keyz! I started playing right around the same time. I also, luckily, found these forums immediately and have made myself quite at home.
If I hadn’t of found this amazing place I’m pretty sure I’d still be leveling the couple of 5* I pulled right off the bat. That would indeed have been terrible.

As it is I’m in a good alliance with great people and have a boat load of leveled 4* (still chasing Wilbur and Proteus)

Well, just wanted to say Hi. You’ll get all the advice you can handle above. I’m sure you know the importance of listening to it :wink:


Thanks for the replies! I’ll be getting to work on Kash it looks like, as I have no tank yet. Grimm is coming up on final ascension. Still looking for a 4* yellow other than Wu.


Kash has served me well as a tank. He’s a beast in AW with Field Aid.

Good luck on the hunt for yellows! I sense a Chao or a Li Xiu in your future. May RNGesus help you in your time of need.

P.S RNGesus accepts cash, blood sacrifices and all CC’s except for AMEX and Discover

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  1. Your attacking fire power will have more influence on your number of cups than your defense will (assuming the defense is at least serviceable).

  2. For that reason, I’m going to instead answer which rainbow set of heroes I think will do the most to advance you in various aspects of the game, including raid defense and offense. What I’m saying is that I think you’re asking a question that limits your approach to the game. If you’re legit interested in just D (like as a thinking exercise), I get that - you’ve already gotten plenty of good advice in this thread.

Fire: Boldtusk - he’s as fantastic as you’ve heard, and even moreso with emblems. He’ll be useful to you for basically ever. Although the percentage heal isn’t as robust as other healers, his buff is substantial

Ice: Grimm - you need a ramming pulverizer for defense down and he’s widely regarded as the best one because of his superior attack stat. Kiril would be a candidate here, but you already ‘have’ Boldtusk in this exercise.

Nature: Caedmon - he’s very well rounded and you need a fast single target hitter. He’s the one, with reasonable durability and striking power. Also, his dispel adds a valuable skill set to your quiver.

Holy: Wu Kong, hands down. The best four star holy in a very weak field. He will do the most for you on titans, which are an incredibly important source of loot. He’ll also allow you to occasionally win fights (map, raids, war) that you should not / would not otherwise win.

Dark: I’m going to go way out of book here and say that I think CYPRIAN actually best complements these heroes. You don’t have a riposter yet, and his ability to facilitate victory in hard map stages and AoE heavy teams (and there’s ALWAYS at least one in every war) should not be overlooked. Yes, others will want to offer a healer, but I already covered dispel with Caedmon (so Sabina can be later). Rigard deserves a mention, though I shy away from him for two reasons: you already have a full team healer, and cleanse is not yet completely invaluably necessary at this point (that is, it definitely will be later when every raid involves you getting slapped with innumerable status ailments - but that’s just not the case during the first rainbow team phase of the game).


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