Hero Spotlight: SIF [Vid]

So here we are again with another hero review after some extensive testing. This one is a bit tricky since I was lucky enough to pull Sif and Heimdall at the same time and been raiding almost exclusively with those two in several team combinations, so I’ll def try to focus on Sif only.

Sif is not exactly what we would considered a “must-have” hero. A lack of initial attack, average mana and a baseline defense/health stats might make her much less desirable than many other S3 5* heroes. At 788, attack is her most appealing attribute. To be completely honest I wasn’t all that excited about maxing her at first. But I have to say, she quickly became one of my new favorite heroes to raid with. Here’s why:

Sif does an outstanding job at keeping herself and her flanks alive, often times being the last 2-3 heroes standing. A combination of ALL damage reduction by 50% AND 24% mana boost over 4 turns means that she’s able to take on some heavy punishment long enough to recharge her special. This may not seem like a huge deal if it weren’t for the fact that her flanks also benefit from the same buffs which can triple your survivability if you run healer(s) or heroes with reviving capabilities for example. I think 4 turns is an adequate length of time for an average hero and makes up for some of ther other somewhat nerfed abilities.

Truth be told, I don’t usually like playing with heroes without any initial attack damage. They seem too circumstantial to me, like you can’t be really effective without first setting them up and hope they make a difference. Not so with Sif. Her counter attack of 100% of damage received is essentially the lowest of this type of ability. However this “low” counter attack is once again offset by a combination of the rest of her abilities, i.e. damage reduction and mana boost for 4 turns. This gives her the ability to keep and recharge her counter attack quicker and for longer. I really really like this balance of mana speed and counter attack damage. I found that it allows the player to manage her special much more effectively, whether you choose to extend it on a favorable board or making use of all her 4 turns while managing the board to help you recharge her again. It is by far from OP but it is also not a weak as some might perceive.

Sif has enough unique utilities you typically find on a sturdy tank. However, it is obvious that SG never intended her to be one. I ran a +18 Sif tank to test her tank durability, and she actually defended way more than I anticipated, but still, at the end of the day she just doesn’t have the defensive capabilities to withstand heavy damage before her special can fire. Specially not with all the new power creeping heros and monochrome being the meta for too many players. She’s just not a very successful long term tank. I can’t help but wonder how good she could actually be if both her Defense and Health were only 100pts higher.

There are no perfect heroes:
No there are not and that is the beauty of it, that not one hero is so perfect that it makes all others obsolete, far from it. However, Sif, in my opinion is a very well balanced hero, which is far more interesting than making any one of her specials skills more powerful or weaker than the rest. This is probably the best type of hero tbh, one who can stand on their own but also make other heroes that much better. The possibilities are vast and plenty. Kudos to whoever designed her.

Final thoughts:
Sif is a very well balanced hero who shines best on offense. Her attack stat is one of the highest for holy element, so she may work well on a yellow stack when tile damage is important. Don’t let her lack of initial damage fool you, her ability to reduce damage received is far more important and clutch than it appears. And last but not least, a 24% mana boost is a valuable yet rare ability that few other heroes have. Any mana boost hero is worth maxing imo. I don’t suggest breaking the bank trying to acquire Sif, specially if you don’t have the right supporting heroes, but I wouldn’t hesitate to give her the 4* mats treatment if you do summon her. She is loads of fun to raid with as well figuring out who pair her with. I found Sif to be a step above Neith but not quite as OP as Guinevere but somewhere in between. One of the best supporting heroes I’ve ever played with.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts to consider:

  • Sif is best suited as a flank on defense. Probably one of the few heroes whose special you want to fire before the tanks. She lacks the defensive stats to be a successful tank at high levels but could be a feasible option to keep you at high platinum or low’sh diamond raid arenas.

  • Place Sif on center position when raiding to maximize her area of counter attack. And only # 2 or # 4 position (starting from the left) when facing a hero like Jabberwock who attacks your wings. This is to ensure that you’re able to counter his damage as well as minimize damage received.

  • Flank her with other mana boosting heroes to play on each other’s abilities as often and quickly as possible. Other excellent options are slow mana or taunt heroes. A taunt hero with a counter attack damage reduction will usually not only retain their minions/taunt for longer but they’ll also force attacking hero to take on the same damage they dealt. Consider using Black Knight or Queen of Hearts for best results.

  • Caveats: Be prepared to witness her counter attack be rendered useless when being attacked by debuffing heroes (Kage, Eve, Seshat, etc…), by Ranger class heroes that can bypass the riposte, if they miss because they’re blinded and lastly her insanely dumb evade class talent. Seriously, what were they thinking ? I cringe every time I see her evade a special since I would prefer leverage her counter attack instead. As annoying as her being a Rogue is, I suppose evading any special skill is still better than taking any damage at all.

  • Her realm is MIDGARD and currently only 3 other heroes share this realm that can leverage her attack boost of up to +15%. Those heroes are 4* Brynhild, 4* Mist and 3* Bjorn, none of which I have maxed so I wasn’t able to test this buff.


Up next, Heimdall…


Did not get SIF, but nevertheless I really appreciate the time and effort put into such an extensive review.
Awesome @Wormwood


Thanks for the excellent review! How do you feel sif compares to inari, another yellow rogue? Similar.stat distribution, similarly passive abilities, the need to time their special, mana speed etc.

I have fully levelled inari that performs adequately in my yellow mono stack, and have sif waiting for mats. Obiously i will have to test her performance myself when the time comes, but still not 100% sure sif would be better than inari in that regard. Im talking only about offense of course, defense is not as important to.me.


I’m currently leveling Sif and I believe she will be a great addition to my holy roster which currently basically only consists of 2 of each Joon, Jackal, Vivica, and Ranvir. So many thanks for this great review! But I honestly believe SG picked the wrong class for her. Her class ability will neutralize her special on many occasions, and that’s just poor design imho. I vote to change her class, maybe to druid or monk.

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She is one of the S3 heroes that I like the most, I wish to get her sooner or later!

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I have Brynhild and mist maxed. Just started with Sif. Excited to work with them together soon. Thanks for the info on Sif…:sunglasses:


Thanks for the indepth analysis, I remember she got good remarks from beta testers too, it’s nice to see her living up to the hype. These support heroes are usually the most interesting in terms of skill synergy and how the effects play out, and it’s not always easy to understand it fully just from reading the card.


I think it comes down to attacking strategies and styles. Inari is a true passive hero whereas Sif counterattacks with damage. I prefer an attack heavy approach, be it direct or indirect so Inari would never fit in with any of my teams. I find Sifs counterattack, damage reduction and mana boost more valuable than Inaris dodging abilities.
Because of that, I think Sif lends herself to far more interesting hero combinations than Inari. You essentially flank Inari with heroes you want to keep, but I feel like she’s taking up a spot a hero with damage can use.

But again, that’s just my play style. Some folks seem to have decoded Inari and use her in some very successful ways…


Very good review. Cant wait for Heimdall testing, especially comparison to Telluria.

Still havent decided Gazelle or Sif. This review doesnt help :grin:


I’m done testing Heimdall and working on vid selection for him. Haven’t tested Telly yet but I think she’s going to be the natural choice between the two, specially if you want a solid green tank. Imo

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I have her. But I’m working first on BK…Telluria and Fernir.

Kingstone-Sif-Bk-Telluria-Fernir ???

Thank you again @Wormwood, I did not pull SIF which makes this more valuable, as I can not play with her myself. And your review is so much more helpful than an arbitrary Grading Scale based on hearsay. Looking forward to Heimdall.


Great review and I appreciate the extra effort you put in here.

I pulled 2x Sif and am still debating on what to do with her. I just about have Viv at 3-70 (hero and costume), but I am just not crazy about slow heals and my troops are a way off from the magic 29 break point. Have been considering pausing viv for Sif but I’m just not sure.

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Hope you land her sooner than later. She def grew on me almost immediately.

Not a fan of grades myself. Leaves all critical thinking out of the game and forces tunnel vision upon the players. I do enjoy bringing perspective on the most obvious patterns on any hero I review. At least from my perspective after 100+ raids with them and let you guys decide for yourselves.

Freya intrigues me, would like to test her on offense soon.

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I LOVE Freya…having so much fun pairing her with Seshat and Telluria…even at 3 70 its so fun watching minions crit left and right. Loving DoTs like you do I know you will love her.

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I don’t mind raiding with slow heroes myself but I avoid using slow healers in war like the plague, lol. So I’m right there with ya. But you know, sometimes you gotta play with what you have. cViv is awesome fwiw, but I’d probably use Rigard instead if I didn’t have the right mana troop for her…

Id def bring Sif to lvl70 and start testing her our if possible. Not sure what kinda defenses you’re going up against but she may be playable at lvl70.

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Hahaha yeah I def imagine the possibilities, and it’s glorious :laughing:

DoTs you say? Clarissa will bring back my Yunan (emblemed) and Graves out of retirement, lol. That’s gonna be fun I think.


who is this Clarissa you speak of…I have no idea and no plans for her :eyes: (if the noobs that are calling for her to be nerfed don’t get their way before they even ever play her)

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Oh gawd don’t get me started. Mum’s the word then. Go on nothing to see here… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@Wormwood - excellent review and work dude! I have Sif +11 and she is an automatic member of my offensive team…Kingston +13, Sif +11, BK +17, LotL +11 and Ariel +13. I’m hesitating to take Sif to +12 as this will give another +4% dodge, which as you pointed out sucks for her. The only time this is semi-beneficial is when BK isn’t charged and neither is she. But this is relatively rare. Anyway, well done and look forward to Heimdall’s review. I have him sitting at 3/70 waiting on more tonic. Just leveled Telluria fully! Love these new heroes!


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