Neith or Malosi?

Which would you choose for defense? I have 5 poison darts, I have to wait, but which should I choose for my defense team? I’m thinking Neith, but not sure. My other heroes in defense at the time are Brynhild, Boldtusk, Boril and Tiburtus (I just got Domitia, so I’ll probably use her instead of Tiburtus when I get her leveled).

In my honest opinion, Malosi is great, but best for offence rather than defence. That way you can use his special a lot better.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Yeah, that’s what I thought, he’s better for offense, but that’s why I can’t choose which is better for defence :smiley:

Defense = Neith and Offense = Malosi 100%.

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Entirely depends what level you plan to play at in the future. If you’re going to be super competitive you’ll find little to no use for Neith down the road, but Malosi is quite good against the status effect heavy defenses you’ll see in high-diamond and top 100 wars. High plat/low diamond Neith is a solid tank (though underwhelming most other positions), and is somewhat useable on offense.

Malosi will never be much better than like a D+/C- defender at any level. If you’re going the competitive route you’ll find that Mal is probably similarly lackluster to Neith everywhere except tank on defense (and top 100 have started to move away from yellow tanks anyhow), and him being good on offense will mean that you didn’t waste precious mats entirely.

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I’m not aiming high, I’m good where I’m at (about 1900-2000). So I’m leaning towards Neith.

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Defense would be Neith by a lot. Malosi is out standing for offense but needs too much thought for the AI on defense.

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