⚔ [21 Jun, 2020] - 61st Raid Tournament - 5* Bloody Battle, No Fire/ Red

There is a Tier 6 of 30 battles.

The complete list of tiers may be found here in this thread.


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Doh! Thanks for pointing that out, I guess I had 5 tiers stuck in my head for that one. :slight_smile:

So I’m a little less optimistic then, that means I need 62 attacks over 4 full tournaments, which means about 16 attacks per tourney… plus the first day of the 3* tourney at the end. Hmm… well, I guess we’ll see how it goes. I can probably still pull that off!

Good gaming!


I also at 13/20 for POV, 4* tournament 2 weeks ago went really bad, was out after 7/8/9? (I forgot, but before ending day 2) attacks. A well, when I get the 5th tier finished, I will still complete this POV. Didn’t manage the tournament one last POV either, but did in the first POV.

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Going to go with an all fast/high damage lineup. Not expecting much, will be satisfied with a C.

Missing a bunch of my best heroes in this tournament setting.

Which would be better?


Or the first one but with Drake in the place of Caedmon…
Other options shown in the lower half

I’d swap the position of Buddy and Kingston. In the event that Buddy and Kingston (and Musashi) are charged at the same time, Buddy can give that defense down first.

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All green fast with Telly +18 tank, or mix in emblemed Drake and Hel? (Kingston could replace Morgan in 2nd team)

I’m going to force yellow attackers, only slow cleanse and dispel from a healer.

If you are referring to Vivica, I’m not even sure that would matter assuming Alfrike hits her b/c any cleanser wouldn’t be able to use their special if hit. Gazelle could potentially be an average speed dispel. Btw how much of Afrike’s special is blocked by Malosi?

How does Morgan Le Fay work on Bloody Battle? Her special says she “drains HP”. For bloody battle does she just basically do a DOT without the self heal?

Not much to work with. Won’t last past the first day…

I doubt that figure, anyway, there are 3 possibilities, x3 categories, for 5 colors, that is, more than a year without repeating. Counting that they repeat several times, from 3 to 5, etc. it did not play whether you like it or not. What’s more, I do not have the data, but surely several have not been done to repeat this, which is the most repeated.

Domitia +7 :thinking:

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If we assume that there are the following:

3* or 4* or 5* heroes (3 possibilities)
Rush Attack, Bloody Battle, or Buff Booster (3 possibilities)
And restricting ONE color at a time, or else NO color restriction (6 possibilities)

…that would lead me to believe there are 3x3x6 or 54 different combinations.

However, as I noted above, it seems there wasn’t a 5* Buff Booster, No Red tournament and we are already seeing repeats. We could expect that if each week was determined randomly, but we are clearly seeing a repeat of a previous pattern, so it seems to me that there is a pattern - I just haven’t gone to the trouble of trying to see if there are breaks in the pattern. I thought someone else did but I couldn’t find it on a quick search. :slight_smile:

But we’ve had the following for the past few weeks:
61st RT - 5* Bloody Battle, no Red
60th RT - 4* Rush Attack, no restrictions
59th RT - 5* Rush Attack, no Red
58th RT - 4* Bloody Battle, no Blue
57th RT - 3* Rush Attack, no Blue

Then if I look back to Nov 2019:
30th RT - 5* Bloody Battle, no Red
29th RT - 4* Rush Attack, no restrictions
28th RT - 5* Rush Attack, no Red
27th RT - 4* Bloody Battle, no Blue
26th RT - 3* Rush Attack, no Blue

So there clearly is a set pattern, as the likelihood of this happening randomly is very, very low. :wink:

Good gaming!


Looking at the past tournaments we have a total of 2 no fire 5* rule sets. The one 2 weeks ago and this one. We will go through the entire rotation again now before we get back to the no fire 5* rush tourney we all suffered through.

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Hope that works :thinking:

Good question! I think she still steals the health but won’t heal herself. Guvnor feels the same: Bloody Battle and Morgan Le Fay

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4 out of 5 * and all four not red. Come on, if you did not know what this is about and who handles it …

Is Heimdalls boast health counted as “healing”?


From the OP:

From another thread asking the same question:

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