⚔ [21 Jun, 2020] - 61st Raid Tournament - 5* Bloody Battle, No Fire/ Red

Great, another Telluria tournament.

Out by day one :joy:

Let’s try… This…?

Tbh I don’t really care overmuch as I doubt I’ll be in this past day 3… :man_shrugging:


It’ll be annoying for whoever faces it at least… Otherwise, meh.

Not too bothered if I don’t survive too long (assuming the heavy reliance on Telly), so not bothered if it does particularly well or not.


I’m just here to rant. No red again? Will sure be seeing tons of Tellurias again in every match… Really getting bored of this game already.

I will try this


I am going with slightly different to what I would typically do for this

TP: 4,160
Evelyn / Clarissa / Telluria / Joon / Tiburtus

Not making the same mistake I made previously, I think it was for the one of this I shoved Brynhild as my tank… lol. Not doing that again, she got obliterated

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Over and over again the same tournament, the one that shouldn’t be done. If there is no telluria there is no tournament. you are still bent on kicking people out of the game.

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My other green options in melendor and gadeirus are too much healers to help much, and blue is not a good option with no red allowed. Could use danza in stead of hu tao?

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That does look mean though with no red and no heal to help me.


Well… Last time no red (5*, rush attack) I made it far because of my healers… They gave me time to work a lot and kill one by one… However, this time I don’t think I have enough power to go very far. I find this rotation weird tbh. Didn’t expect 5* no red so soon. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m going to force yellow attackers, only slow cleanse and dispel from a healer.

Let’s see how it goes and I won’t bother you with Telly…

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SGG, what the actual ■■■■??? We understand you don’t want people to finish POV but must you make it such that only one hero makes it difficult to finish the tournament challenge?

That’s a job for my grurple team.

Probably something like Evelyn, Kingston, Costumed Domitia for cleanse, and then either Proteus or Hansel plus probably Seshat.

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Telluria may still be my best option, but I’ll spare everyone and hope to occasionally receive the same. Even if she’s not as formidable in this tournament format, it’s just boring and repetitive.

Joon +9, Seshat +18, Kingston +14, Vela +9, Costumed Domitia +0


meh, I haven’t much of a prayer in 5* tourneys anyway, so I’ll go with a defense that would annoy someone with a very bad board.

and it’s not like I have many other options: only other 5*s are Aeron, Sartana (still being leveled), Isarnia, Lepus, Aegir and Rana.


Always glad to see fewer telly tanks. Thank you for doing your part. :grin:

Now, I am secretly hoping that I encounter you in the tournament instead of a Telly tank :smiling_imp:


Ursena on wing is completely wasted - by the time she fires she’s guaranteed to only be doing 130% damage, so I’d swap Kingston and Ursena around.

Then I’d swap Joon and Freya to balance out the change above since Ursena is now on flank, so don’t want another purple flanking.

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My crew…

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So more Atomos research for me then. I have Kadilen at flank instead of Lianna cause I think getting her buff out early will be better than late since without healing it’s likely to not matter then. Or would it be better to fire Lianna earlier for a kill?

Also not sure why some seem surprised by this format. There’s a rotation that’s linked in each of these posts. I base a lot of my levelling decisions on which tourneys are coming up.

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For those who irritated about what we might call “Telly Tourneys”… this one and the other recent No Red haven’t happened since about 8 months ago, give or take. So these shouldn’t repeat for another 8 months or so. :slight_smile:

Though, in the tourney log, I don’t see any 5* Buff Booster, No Red… I wonder why?

Assuming it is following the previous occurrence pattern, then just be aware, a couple of weeks from now we’ll be looking at a 5* Rush Attack with no restrictions, so likely another Tellyfest there; but then we’ll get a 5* Bloody Battle with NO GREEN, so you can rejoice on that one, at least. :wink:

Doing some Path of Valor math… it looks like we have four full tournaments left, and then a single day on the fifth tournament before POV ends. In that time, there are THREE full 5* tournaments, ONE full 3* tournaments, and a single day of a 3* tournament (again, if the cycle holds).

For my own concerns on finishing that challenge in POV: I only made 10, 11, and 22 attacks in the last three tourneys, and that puts me at 13/20 on Tier 4, so I have 7 remaining on this tier, and then 25 on Tier 5 to complete it.

32 total remaining needed, out of 105 attacks available (4 full tourneys + 1 day of fifth); I think I can pretty easily make it. If you figure there are 4.2 tourneys left in POV, I need to average about 7.6 attacks per tourney; so as long as I can manage to not do absolutely horribly, I should be able to finish without having to spend gems to continue.

I would imagine that many people would have the same or more attacks already completed than I do, so I don’t think there’s any reason to worry about not finishing the POV tourney challenge. :slight_smile: I got super frustrated in those tourneys where I dumped out at 10 and 11 attacks, but it was just a run of bad luck, and my defenses weren’t holding up well enough to bother continuing.

Good gaming!

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