Health Boosting in Bloody Battle

Hi All,

Does health boosting (such as in Kashhrek costume special) count as healing in Bloody Battle rules?


I would like to know this as well,

It does nothing :slight_smile:

See here I have Kashhrek costume charged:

Then cast the special and you can see the fire buff is there but no boosted or change in Health:

Then delayed the match to check it again and you can see the 0s coming up in this screenshot:


Thanks for your effort!

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lol @Guvnor , this deserves a meme too. Brings two healers to a bloody battle, wins anyway. :joy:


In fairness, Grazul is hardly a healer. She’s there to block Telluria, gravemaker and Vela and Richard (?) :stuck_out_tongue:

Took Kash along only to test the health boost. Normally would have taken Lady Locke along in his place.

Maybe that’s because when you have lost HP, the spell is considered like a heal but if a hero is full Hp then the extra health he is not a heal per se?

No healing or health boosts at all in bloody battle, but offensive and defensive buffs work.

The only workaround is heroes who create minions - that will give you 15-25% more HP in total (I think, don’t quote me on the exact numbers).

I’ve checked and can’t seem to find anything that answers this but want to know if boosting hp eg. Heimdall, c. kasshrek counts as healing.

The main reason for this is to know how it interacts with:

-Reduced% healing for x turns, does this reduce the amount of boosted hp or is it not healing?

-stealing% of healing, does this do anything if the enemy tries to boost hp?

-is there any difference between boosting hp when you have less than max hp therefore healing them or when you have full hp and it is getting extra hp?

I can see that you can’t use the boost hp in bloody battle so it suggests it could be classed as healing but not sure how the mechanics work in normal modes. Anyone tried it out?

All specials that block healing will also block Heimdall and costume kasshrek special. So yes it is treated as healing for all of your examples.

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Hey all,

I have question that bugs me in a long time. Does Heimdall’s special skill count as healing or not? I planned to use him in one of those “bloody battle” tournaments but did not have a chance. Also if you have vids or pics using him in tourneys, i would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

To my best knowledge, yes is does count as healing.

Asked myself the same few days ago.
Found this and few others, all saying the sane.

His healing does not work. I don’t recommend using him for bloody because he doesn’t perform very well due to that.

Heimdall special says boost health, the raid says all healing has no effect so no heimdall won’t be able to heal.

text does not say “Healing” but "HP Boost"so its quite confusing. @zephyr1 @Guvnor sorry to disturb you two, do you know anything about this?

Moved the request. See my comments above with pictures.


Use minions instead of heal.

thank you sir! @Guvnor


Do you get the benefit of costume Kashrek in the bloody tournament? Since it not technically healing?

The rest of kash special will work. But being its a no red tournament it kinda makes it pointless.


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