Zimkitha in defence team

Is she good in defence team or is it better to w8 for Marjana?
what path to go attack or defence
what troop is best for her
what position

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I see her a lot in defense teams but I am far more concerned about Marjana.

Zim is passable on defense.

She’s good on defense, but it always depends on the context of your roster and team. She is best on the left wing or flank so she can cleanse your team and buff their attack before other specials go off. I use her on the wing with with defense/attack emblems. Zim is definitely a utility hero, so you need somebody else do the heavy lifting on the damage side. Whether Marjana or Zim is a better fit depends on the rest of your team.

My hero roster

I tried something like that in defence team

any advice regarding defense team?

You have so much single target damage already that Zim certainly seems like a nicer fit than Marjana. That defense team you have looks like it makes a lot of sense.


thx. My dilemma come’s from fear that people will just load their skills on Zim becouse she does not pose any danger.

Zimkitha should work nicely with your heavy snipers, you have several of the best, Zimkitha buffs their attack and cleanses the team.

My defense runs healer heavy and Zimkitha and yet I win a lot of defensive raids as lower level people stretch. She is solid and probably helps polish off the wounded enemies but I can’t see that when defending.

She isn’t the best at any single thing and yet she gets the job done

Thank you. 20 characters

OK Zimkiti +10 lvl Emblem met her on a raid defense a few days ago and I under rated her, she fired twice and a few of my healthy heroes were dying, Lost the match as a result.

She hits all enemies, cleanse all allies at fast mana. Buff all allies attack by +25% now add AI 20% attack buff on defense, she can pose some surprises if ignored. She does have edge over Marjana.


The attack buff is what makes Zimkitha more threatening than other similar fast heroes like Zeline and (to a lesser extent) Kadilen. They’re all similar in the sense that they’re support heroes that hit, Zimkitha however can make her damage more threatening if left ignored.

All have the same thing in common though: they are as good as the heroes they’re supporting. For the OPs defense team, she definitely makes sense to put there flanking Richard and supporting all that single target damage. :slight_smile:

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