Zimkitha, azlar, elena or marjana?

I have one zimkitha and Santa maxxed and with emblems. Raids and war are my goals.

Azlar is really a pain in the ■■■ to fight

My vote for Marjana, but it depends on the rest of your list in other than red, which you haven’t communicated. If you already have heaps of snipers then maybe an AOE. You have Santa for AOE, but he isn’t as big a hitter as Elena and Azlar. I have a maxed Elena and she is surprisingly good, high attack stat is handy in stacks

My main snipers are kageburado and liana. Most of my others are team players like g panther, Evelyn and drake fong. Would a second zimkitha be of any use?

Zimkitha is wonderful, but for balance I would say Marjana. Fast snipers, and you have a couple of good ones, are very handy

Marjana was my choice also but ascension items do not come easy and was looking for corroboration.

You might want to wait for some more opinion, but Marjana I think is a no regrets choice

If you have other snipers then Zim.

If not, Marjana.


SInce you already have Zimkitha maxed, cross her out.

Santa is already a good red on defense, so you may cross Azlar out.

Elena is amazing if you are looking for red to really add to your titan stack. She has one of the highest attack stats in the game. Overshadows Marjana completely. But with her def oriented and slow special and very low survivability, she’s not doing well on any pvp fights. I have no problems taking her down on defense, she’s just too squishy. I don’t have her maxed to use for attack, so won’t comment there, but considering she’s slow, she’s likely down before going off. She may be useful on the Fighter emblem quests and maybe in some seasonal ladders.

Marjana is a sniper but her stats are defense oriented, not attack oriented, sadly. Her attack is quite low, I taken her off my titan squad (even though she’s maxed and taking my rogue emblems). Her hit is not that scary and the dot is situational. I use her in my three stack together with Zimkitha and Falcon - their buffs and debuffs improve her sniping skills a lot, but still not as much as you’d imagine. She’ll do well in pvp and can take some beating in the rogue quests & ladder. I find myself using Zimkitha and even Wilbur more often than Marjana. But that said, she’s filling a role that there are not that many choices for in the game (unless you have a Gravemaker), while Elena is not really fitting any role other than titan hitter with weirdly designed combination of special skill & stats.

So I’d go with Marjana in your case also.

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