Good morning everyone :blush:
I’ve been using Zimkitha for a very long time. She was my first 5* fully leveled. However, not long ago I pulled both Elena & MARJANA.
From my point, both have pretty great specials & im not as impressed with Zimkitha raiding against newer hero’s.
Any suggestions on which one would be better to replace Zimkitha? Or would I be better off keeping Zim for raiding (although I don’t think I will… maybe? Lol) I’ve uploaded the current team I’m using for raids.
Thank you for any input here :blush:


I would recommend Marjana to ascend.

Zim plus Marj is a great combo.

The first thing people get wrong about Zim is that she is not good by herself, nor was she ever meant to be. She is a support hero with both cleanse and attack up. Her damage is OK, but her role as a red cleanser is valuable.

When you combine Zim with another red 5*, her value is realized.


I agree with above that she is mostly a support hero. I noticed that you said you use the heroes shown as your raid team. Does this mean you only raid with them no matter the enemy? That isn’t recommended in most cases since you can win a lot more with stacking at least against the tank with 2 or 3. I don’t recommend 4-1 or mono though some live by it.

I would also recommend Marjana. I don’t have her but I have Elena and while her tile attack is great her SS is slow and not too harsh. Marjana is like a stronger Kelile with the hit plus burn and I love Kelile and use her over Scarlett in many cases despite Scarlett having higher attack. Marjana is a sniper so she is fast and with the Boost from Kiril you should really do some damage.


Thank you. I did think of maybe pairing her & also going with 2 purple using Obakan as my 2nd. But not sure lol
I appreciate your input & I do agree with what you stated about Zim :blush:


Oh gosh, no. Sorry I didn’t make that clearer. I generally leave this team (changing sometimes) as defense. I always look at who popped up in the raid & change my hero’s accordingly but thank you :blush:

So what I’m hearing, please correct me if I’m wrong, MARJANA is a great sniper (the page won’t let me scroll back up so I’m trying to go by what I read… memory lol) but Elena would only do well if paired with Zim?

This may be a bit off topic, however, I’m currently sitting on both those 5* reds, Miki, The owl, Kage & Captain Diamonds all needing either the same or similar items to do final ascension. That said, if I ever get what I need to ascend, I’m trying to finish last ascension also on Kunchen & Aerron. I have a lot of items but am always short on gloves for the most part.

Anyway, thank you, as well, for your suggestions. :blush:

Elena is used on Defense, but Marjana is far scarier.

based on your lineup, I would suggest


This would be formidable enough and provide the ‘oomph’ that you need.
Edit: Marj is a great sniper that is made better with Zim. Elena’s utility is not improved quite as much by Zim.


I think Kunchen would be a better choice if you can’t do both. He is currently a tank of choice in diamond despite having slow mana. His defense down can be awful on enemies. I fight him often and he is a pain. Aeron isn’t usually a tank and he is good but if I had a choice I think I would use Kunchen. I don’t have them I am going by what I fought. I do have Vivica and look forward to her costume which will essentially turn her into Kunchen without the element link.


I agree. Kunchen over Aeron all day, every day.


I wish I had Vivica but I agree, I was leaning toward Kunchen & you @Obsidian as well as @PeachyKeen both just helped me make my final decision. Thank you both. Happy gaming :blush:


Please don’t tell me you are raiding with rainbow.
Also, Zim should be one of the best utility hero in the game.
I would not replace Zim with either of them.

Elena or Marjana will depend on how you stack. Both are great but I don’t use Marjana in my red stack. I would replace Kiril with either one if you are going to raid with the above team.

Kage should come first.

A combo of Kunchen - Zim - Ursena - Elena will have you clean screen assuming if you can pull it off. For a 3-2 combo of Kage / Zim / Kunchen / Elena / Ursena should be your ideal raid team. Choose your opponents wisely and you will easily raid and defend in diamond.

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Hard to hit, hard to kill but dmg slightly weaker. Great sniper alright

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Glad to help. Fought him 3x today in raids. Funny that he doesn’t seem slow when I am attacking him. Like I said, he is a premier tank in diamond right now despite that I don’t think he was originally liked for being slow. As a tank he is great. Aeron isn’t bad but I don’t see him used as a tank, usually as a flank on the right side.

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Not sure pairing Zim and Kiril really optimizes your attack buffs since they overwrite one another.

Kunchen is a fantastic tank, load with emblems and he causes problems (resist is a good tank talent, especially when the tank is slow. Resist the regular defense debuffers is also very helpful). Aeron has caused me problems at tank due to the immunity but I think you’ll get more mileage from Kunchen if you bring him up first.

Elena hits like a truck and is going to be good for Titan damage but at slow with low defense she is not the first choice on raids (also, two red AoE hitters feels a bit optimistic, if they both fire around Ursena the enemy should be dead but there will be gaps that allow the enemy to heal).

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Thank you for both your comments & the above. Currently, I don’t have the necessary ascension items to do the final ascension on Kunchen, Kage or Elena. I’m trying to prepare a better raid team for when that time comes. That said, I change my raid team according to who I’m raiding. I wouldn’t go after a 3/2/1 with the above team. That’s just suicide lol
Thank you, again, @AirHawk. Happy gaming :blush:

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To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to tell which hero’s stack vs which ones don’t. My issue, as mentioned several times in this thread, I don’t have final ascension items needed to finalize the other hero’s. I don’t have any other healer fully ascended which is also why I went with Kiril. That said, what would you suggest? Is it feasible to use hero’s to raid even if they’re not fully ascended? Thank you for your input :blush:

Zim + Graz is very nice.

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Yes, you can easily use Kunchen at 3/70 for raids, but it should be in a color stack. My most common raiding team is Kage - Mitsuko - Kunchen - BT - Hel. All are maxed, but also worked pretty well before. I reached 3k+ cups with a team of Kage - Rigard - Proteus - Kiril and Alice. With Alice at 4/50 or so and the others maxed. As long as you stack several heroes of the same color you can usually win with a decent board against any team. The only disadvantage is that the board can bring only tiles in the wrong colors if you are unlucky.

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If/when Ariel is at 3-70 I believe she will help you more than Kiril does. Try it and see, her heal is higher and the mana boost should help the rest of the team.

Yes, you can raid successfully with partially leveled heroes. It just puts even more emphasis on the synergies between the various specials. In part it depends on what level you are raiding, top of Diamond can be tough even with maxed & emblemed teams, low Diamond / high Platinum should be no problem with most battles (this is fully maxed 4* and partially leveled 5*).

Suggesting Ariel in for Kiril as blue for blue substitution.
As mentioned above, Kunchen can work at 3-70, he is tough and his special is truly special. He tanks for me (took over from Boril) and I bring him on attacking raids as well. He came on offensive raids before max, only took defensive duties from Boril at the same time he could be emblemed.

Thank you @jonhol sorry for the delay. More often than not, when I use a team that’s, idk let’s say, 3/1/1 or even 3/2 to raid, it’s murder to get those colors lit. It’s like the game knows I’m using 3 of the same color & decided, “nope, not today, you’re not getting those colors” lol
But, I’ll give it another try :blush: Happy gaming!

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