Zimkitha, Mariana or Khagan which is best to level up?

Have only 6 rings and that 3/ 5* hero’s… Not sure who I should choose first.

It really depends on your roster and priorities, but I’ll break it down anyway and pick someone. Still, would rather see your heroes before giving a definitive answer.

Zimkitha if you’re lacking a solid cleanser, she’s the best in her class. The buff, heal and attack are just a bonus, especially at fast mana. A great utility hero, but her buff, heal and cleanse will work just as well at 70. If you were just using her for her attack, which I assume you don’t, then she would need to be at 80 to max out.

Marjana is a jack of all trades, very versatile and good at just about everything. If you’re lacking fast snipers, I’d go her. Especially since she really needs to be at 80 to reach her full potential (for her attack and DOT to max out).

Khagan isn’t even on the table; doesn’t matter what your roster looks like, I’d do Zim and Marjana before him.

Overall, I’d do Zimkitha if you need some utility, or Marjana if you need an attacker. Would need to see your roster, to know for sure which would benefit you more, but without knowing I’ll say Marjana.

Ah, well you don’t have any fast snipers leveled- so I’m leaning toward Marjana. Zim would be nice for the buff and cleanse, but you already have a few utility heroes leveled and not enough solid hitters. So my vote is Marjana.

If you’re replacing Natalya, Marjana will help for a faster hit since the damage is immediate. If you did Zim to replace Natalya, your team wouldn’t have any single target hitters. Then again, if you prefer AOE hitters then Zim might be the better answer, but I always prefer having at least one sniper.


Ok thank you so much for your advice :slight_smile:

totally fine to use rings on both Marjana and Zim, if your Marj is already maxed do her, did not regret using them.

heres my video on Zim if youd like


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