Zimkitty or marjana

I have every thing to take 1 of them to 4th. Which one and why

What other maxed 5* and 4* do you have?

caedmon, thorne, sir lancelot, have kage,drake, locke,domitia,onatel, ate 3/70 also

many other 4s at 3/60 and up

To your question, I think Marjana adds more. You lack a strong sniper; she’s good there.

A more general comment: good 4* heroes maxed are better than most 3/70 5* heroes. I a;ways encourage developing players to build a double – rainbow 4-star team before starting any five star heroes. It may seem that you were leaving your most powerful cards on the table, but in reality you are ensuring that you can handle all of the rare quests and challenge events to ensure that you can get the rare ascension materials that you need for those five star heroes.


yes i know 4s maxed are king for most part over 3/70 5s. I been having no trouble with the events and i only play both the 4 and 5 star levels

i am setting above 3500 team power

thanks kerridoc you are a great help

If you already have Rigard or Vivica… Marjana.

If you don’t have them… Zim.

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I have both Zim and Marjana at 4/80. Unfortunately, Marjana rarely participates in battles, only during wars. Zim is on my offense, defense and war defense team.

The reason is Zim is very versatile hero, who plays several roles in the team: attack buffer, cleanser, red healer, AoE. She is also very durable, and self-healing and the Druid class just adds a lot to durability.

Marjana just hits for around 600-700 dmg to full-level 5* and applies very slow DoT, and then nothing.

You’ll never get the excitement of seeing an enemy Gravemaker firing upon 3 of your teammates and next turn Zim cleansing it if you choose Marjana.

If Marj is your lady, you’ll never laugh manically at enemy Zeline wasting her special when you have your Zim ready. Oh, what a joy it brings, when you try to avoid charging up enemy’s Isarnia at all costs, but she still fires her special, and then your Zim saves the day… Don’t get me started on how Santa is completely harmless against the Kitty.

Marjana will make you sit on the edge of the chair, guessing if her target dies before they charge up their special or after. That’s the only cheap thrill she offers.


Marjana - as what @Kerridoc said

Zim - only AFTER you have a strong offensive lineup and she does help you with the cleanse and buff

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Sorry to bump an aged thread, but I was pondering this myself today as I looked out on this field aid war with the enemy alliance packed to the gills with norths and alberichs.

I thought the choice of zimkitty was pretty easy, but I may be changing my mind.

I have other cleanse options, and I almost always bring BT to a red stack, so marjana has increased her potential value quite a lot.

The only thing that gives me pause is, as Damirius mentioned, Santa. Because I really hate that guy. But I see a lot more Norths than Santas in raids as well as wars.

So, in the age of annoying green resurrectionists, does Marjana edge ahead of Zimzam in the priority list? I think she might.

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What other cleansers do you bring with the red stack along BT? Most probably, Rigard. Then you’re probably stacking 3 reds + 2 purples. Proteus/Merlin can be a good option then.

Mana control looks quite good against slow greens - Hansel/Peters, Gretel/Chao/Li Xiu/Leo.

Tricky way is to stack an elemental debuffer + Wilbur + 3-hitter. This way you can damage this corner lurkers without throwing tiles at them.

3-hit elemental debuffers are the best (G. Falcon, G. Panther, Frida, Eve), paired with 3-hitter hero (Khagan, Obakan, Thoth, Thorne/Richard/Athena, Elkanen).

As for Marjana, she can be good against Alby, but not so much against the Mother - she’s too healthy.

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Thanks for your answer!

  1. For cleansing, I bring kunchen, 2x rigard or a 3-70 zimzam depending. I try to stack 3-2 on attack. And then I’m out of cleanses until I get aeron into useable range, and another rigard.

  2. I love mana control. I have onatel, gretel, proteus, li xiu (and an extra gretel and chao at 3-60). But I have had inconsistent results just relying on mana control heroes for MN, since they can be squishy, so I usually try to gun her down fast anyway.

  3. Sadly I don’t have any of the 3-hit elemental debuffers. Just one superstar jackal. I do struggle with corners on field aid, if I don’t manage to remove them early.

  4. My additional thinking re- marjana was that jackal is now +18 so I can think about giving emblems to another rogue. The candidates currently being inari, scarlet and potentially marjana, I think marj could be good. Whereas my druid emblems are not guaranteed to be for zimkitty. I use another red (gravemaker) in my war defense and will soon use kadilen to flank kunchen. (I know kadilen is not that popular around these ways but she is, in my opinion, a good flank for big K and better than my other options for def.)

I may be completely wrong on marj. I have a little time yet before I make the final decision.

Given everything aforementioned, I think Marjana can really fit your playstyle better. Especially with rogue emblems. I have my Musashi at +7 (12% chance of dodging), and this is really helpful (except when you use riposte or Mits/Ursena).

My Zim is +7 as well (9% of spawning a minion) and her stats are 744 A/717 D/1454 HP, she’s my tank in both wars and raid defense. I don’t use her on my rainbow offense anymore, replaced her with Ariel.

I’m not planning to give my Zim any Druid emblems in the near future though, because now I have Alby, and I need to help him survive. My Zim survives quite well and doesn’t need more help.

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I say ZIM is a bigger help because of the boost to ALLs hit powers. There also is NO questing which of the two are the best sniper, it is Marjana

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Zim is such a great all around hero, good in defense offense everywhere all in all probably the most versatile hero. That fast cleanse is one of the most precious things. Only her damage is kinda meh.

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I agree that comparing them in general performance zimkitty offers a lot more, and that’s why I originally assumed it should be her.

And that’s the thing. I’ve been specifically about healing aid wars because those are the ones I find most annoying. And for those I’d really prefer focused damage over an aoe. But if I think generally about all wars, I’d just take the kitty. Kitty’s going to be great on attack buff and arrow wars.

If it all goes downhill and MN gets to cast and revives everyone (as usual), hopefully Zim will at least blast away the stupid minions :wink:

Thank you @Damirius, @Rohn and @KnifeWonder for your consultation, much appreciated.

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As others have asked, depends on who you have for a cleanser. Zim will do that just as well at 3/70 as 4/80. Marjana will benefit more from damage at fourth tier.

For Zim, her damage can really shine when paired with Wu/Ranvir/Tarlak and can wreck an entire team. Can


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