Zim or Black Knight

Just pulled this lucky lady. I have GM Tyr Jean and Grazul all ascended. Question is Zim or Black Knight?


Zim all day long, one of the most versatile heroes and a rare fadt clean effect!

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Probably Zimkitha who I’d use with Grazul. Congrats!

I’ve been doing a sorta raid team like that in Beta with Vanda and Lady Loki (the latter which I own) – slower speed aside I find having a red cleanser is so useful in this meta.

@Aabbott21 Both are some of the top fire heroes in game, so not a no brainer imo.
Black Knight is one of my overall favorite heroes, that can be game changer on every offense team, whatever he is off color or on a strong red team. Great for defense and against titans too.
I guess not relevant for your defense when having GM.
I would ascend both asap. Who to get the rings first may depend on your playstyle and what skills you need the most, for your roster.


BK… All day long.

Zim’s great, but BK is gamechanging - it has to be BK first.

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I still remember feeling underwhelmed when pulling Zim when she was featured in Atlantis last time.

Boy was I wrong, she cleanses, buffs the team, and has a sweet element link.

My vote goes to her.

I dont have black knight, I only faced him on defense a few times and I have no troubles with him ( got Malosi ). Plus Kagebarudo also wrecks him. I do imagine him being good on offense though.

But hey they are both great!

The best decisions you have to make are those where you win either way. I’d do Zim but BK is a game changer as well.

I like to fight against Zimkitha, Black Knight is always a problem.

It may depend on who else you’ve got, to some extent.

In terms of red stacks, you can cover some of each function with other heroes… But not all.

So, for example, if you’ve got Guardian Kong or Lady Loki then it’s an absolute no-brainer to do BK first because you’ve got the cleanse covered and BK gives a much bigger attack buff (starting at nearly 2x as much and going up to potentially almost 6x).

If you’ve already maxed QoH then you might lean towards Zim to add cleanse to your team, since QoH covers the taunt element that BK brings… Personally, I find QoH and BK on the same team with Wilbur works well though (flexibility - I can decide whether to dovetail taunts or run them together to increase the speed that beserk gets increased Vs multi hitters).

Zim’s a good hero, and one that’s useful to have…

BK is an absolute game changer on offense. If you’re judging based on defence you’re really, really missing the point - BK isn’t a defensive specialist that sucks on attack (like say Telluria or Kunchen), he’s an A++ attacking hero that’s decent on defence.

This really isn’t remotely close IMHO.

For me BK was problem until I got Kage, who makes his buff obsolete since he dispels it before the hit connects, and can reliably outspeed BK even as a tank. Pretty much depends on heroes you have. Kage is still rare though.

As for OP, kinda light on information, but:

  • If you want formidable tank, there is no better choice than BK.
  • If you need something more versatile, Zim as fast cleanser and attack buffer is the answer.

Unless OP specifically wants one of these two for defence, I really wouldn’t judge with defence in mind.

Both heroes are completely different to use than they are to face - the advantage of having them in hand and having control over timing is huge.

BK is an okay tank… He’s a far, far better offense hero than defence.

I would go with BK. I would love to have him…

BK first, BK second and probably BK next

100% a question of playing style (offensively). BK was and still is my fav 5*… he’s versatility is underrated. As said earlier in the thread, partner him with Lady Loki and high tile hitter (aka Elena et al) and yellow support (Drake & Malosi) - no prizes on what my current Telly attack team is :smiley_cat: Raids are a treat in the current Telly Tank Meta.

Zim is a beast as well but find myself having to go with a healer (not the end of the world, but as I said depends on style and I like hitters over healers)

Having said that and for the purposes of a fuller review, I have had decent results with Zim/Kestrel/Mariana/Ariel/Alice

But not as effective as the legend AKA BK!!!

Hope this helps

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here is my roster. I was leaning Zim even though I have ariel

I would lean heavily towards BK generally… Not seeing anything there to flip it towards Zim.

As already stated, you will max both rather sooner than later.

I run two war teams: “grazul, gm, BK, kingston, telluria” and “grazul, gm, zim, seshat, cRigard”. Of these, the BK team is clearly stronger against gtv, mostly because BK enables the occasional win by stalling everything for three turns and making the AoE hitters useless.

Obviously depends on troops and emblems. If you have one lvl 23+ (and ideally two lvl 11+) mana troops I’d max bk. He is seriously op with a lvl 23 mana troop. if you don’t have a lvl 23 troop, I’d probably do zim first.

Out of interest are you trying to focus on a team for Vs Grav/Telly/Vela?? If so you have a few option with you current roster for either BK or Kim…

As you have quality hitters in Red, synergy with BK and Ariel on the cleanse is super strong for you!!

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