Zimkitha or Gravemaker?

Right now it is looking like my future team of 5*s is going to be Zeline, Delilah, Richard, Domitia, and until recently Gravemaker. Now that I have Zim im not so sure. I know they are both great hero’s. I have been playing the game for some time and I think I just got my 7th rings. With her attack buff I feel like she is more of a tactical hero. He is possibly one of the best red raid hero’s but I don’t have much trouble taking him down on raid D. If anyone has both or has heard/read enough about the comparison please share. I would also be grateful for opinions on my decision to max Domitia over Aeron basesd on by team. I think it is likely that I will have enough tabards to do both by the end of the year. On a end note I’m only doing Richard because my only other option is Thorne and I also have 13 scopes.

If it helps I have BT, Gormek, G.Falcon, Scarlett, and Sumitomo maxed along with Elena, Azlar, and Marjana waiting. Couple of 4*s that I imagine will never get leveled up. As far as mats go along with previously stated I need one more dart for Delilah and the rest I have for my “future team”. I have thought about BTs attack buff making Zims less important but as of right now I plan on Delilah being my healer.

Gravemaker no question. I love Zimkitha, but with you having Delilah, Zeline and Domitia (or Aeron) for utility, you can’t really handle much more (on your only 5* team). You need some hard hitters in there, and that’s why I’d go Gravemaker. Zimkitha would be a good second option, because you can never have enough utility hero choices, but you can’t successfully run an entire team of utility heroes on most things. I think it’s more important having at least three solid hitters on your team, and even better when you get a few more to mix and match or stack with, but then again- I like more offensive strategies. GM isn’t as offensive as I’d like; I’d actually prefer a nice immediate damage, fast sniper- but he’s still amazing, so he would work.

Plus, GM needs to be at 80 for his skills to max out, and to reach his maximum potential. If you’re using Zimkitha for her cleanse and buff, those will work the same at 70- she’ll just be a little squishier.

Gravemaker is one of the best heroes in this game, so I definitely wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to max him. He’s an amazing first choice for red 5*.

As for Aeron or Domitia, you need another hitter badly, but you don’t really need Domitia’s dispel with Zeline. Aeron, however, will stack with Delilah [for healing] and cleanse around him (if you wait on Zim), so that could end up benefiting you more. I like Aeron a lot more than Domitia, and usually it would be a no-brainer to do him first, but without Domitia- you have absolutely no snipers. I typically don’t like running a team without a sniper, it seems riskier, and tough when you want to take out a specific opponent quickly.

If you do Zim, you’ll have to do Domitia. If you do GM, then you could do either. I’d rather Aeron though, just because he’s overall a better hero than Domitia. Domitia would have more relevance on your team if Zeline weren’t on it, but as it stands now- an average speed sniper isn’t all that helpful, but then again- she’s one of the few attackers you’ve got. Would rather wait for someone like Sartana, or do Aeron, than spend tabards on Dom. I actually like Domitia quite a bit, but she becomes less desirable, and a whole lot less necessary, with HOTM in the mix.

Just my 2¢ :blush:


Didn’t even have to read your text to know that GM was the correct answer. Just give him the rings and never look back

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I don’t know I kind of really like zimkitha and Zeline flank. Although gravemaker is amazing and a staple red hero for the lucky players… it’s a tough choice. Gravemaker is a heavy hitter but Zim is a fast AOE with cleanse and buff, especially since you have Zeline I’d give my vote to her twin.

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I agree with many people on this topic. They are both good but where do they fit in your team?

Do you want to level a team that doesn’t work well together?

I have a solid rainbow 4* 4.70 team so, I am leveling my good/ okay 4* to 4* 3.60 and my okay 5* to 5* 2.60 for quests, faming and war.

Mainly because I don’t have a good rainbow 5* team yet.

For 5* heroes, I have a five okay blue ( including duplicates and multiple month’s HotM ), two yellow, two okay purple, two okay red and no green.

Since I would like 1- 2 healers and 1-2 Splash damage/ nearby damage on my first rainbow 5* team ( it worked well for my first rainbow 4* team), I am waiting until I have 2 okay, or better, 5* healers to build my team around.

Using 3*/ 4* ascension items just to have five 5* heroes won’t substantially improve my performance on titan, war, rare quest, seasonal events, challenge events, etc.

P.S. I am leveling Joon to 5* 3.70 because he is insanely useful at 5* 3.70, unlike some 5* heroes. But a lot of 5* healers are also yellow and I don’t know what color 5* healers I will draw. Hopefully I get the rumored good purple 5* HotM and blue 5* Atlantis healers.


Gravemaker with a 4*mana troop at level 11…weee…:wink: