BK? Kestrel? KONG!?

I’m back to having the rings for a next red hero. Here’s what I have already maxed and who I have for possibilities in red.


I run an emblem’d Yunan tank for regular defense and we run yellow tanks for war defense (emblem’d Drake for me) so I’m not looking for a tank.

I typically run 3/2 raids, with GM and Zim making up the 2 for every tank color except green, where I layer in red hood for the heals. Not likely that this red would make the 3/2 team.

I AM looking for a red to help on titan teams and mono red attacks for war. My green titan team is usually Miki, Wilbur, falcon, GM, and Zim. Mono war team is typically GM, Zim, Azlar, Natalya, and red hood. GM and Azlar step all over each other, though, and that is super annoying.

BK is shiny and new and tempting, but his attack bonus doesn’t really help DOT heroes like GM, and falcon has such low damage that it’s barely worth talking about. Some actual direct damage could be good, which is why I was looking at Kestrel and Kong.

Am I crazy? What do you think?

Personally I would vote either Kestrel or BK.

BK would be good as a flanker on defence.

Based on your criteria tho, you’re probably looking more for offence in which case I would advocate Kestrel. Hes a good sniper with scaling damage based on enemy mana… Plus he’s got Fast Mana.

Your other options are also intriguing in their variety. Any of your 3/70 Reds will find a great use. For me the order would probably be:

  • Kestrel, Santa, Grazul, Kong, BK, Marjana, QoH, Second Zim.
    But thats based on my personal play style so will probably get told how wrong I am :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Guvnor, you’re right about the attack focus.

Another plus for Kestrel - he’s a rogue, of which I have few. A plus for Kong is his tile damage - just wish he gave green defense instead of blue :confused:.

On the other hand, BK could replace Zim with a much bigger atk buff, but at the loss of her cleanse.

Multiple zimkitha for war is probably best. You want as many cleansers as possible with all these drakes, graves, zeline’s, kunchens etc etc etc running around

An alliance mate has BK and having seen a couple of vids, I’m going to try hard for that fella next time he shows. Amazing on offense, doesn’t necessarily have to be in a mono team (if you run 5 mono and one 3-2 for example - he could go in either).

Kestrel seems Ike fun too, but I’d do BK before him.


Ability to make the rest of the fast food in your team to be berserkers and not to mention his saving a$$ taunt skill.

Thank you for the replies everyone! … though I must say I’m still torn between kestrel and BK.

Pros: fast mana; hit three; balanced stats; rogue class
Cons: relatively low attack; inconsistent damage; no secondary effect

Pros: big atk buff; taunt/ damage mitigation; high Def
Cons: low atk stat; barbarian class; no dmg; avg mana

Does BK’s atk buff influence special skills, or is it just tile damage? I think it must because I know Tarlak specifically states that he boosts “normal damage” and that language isn’t present on BK’s card.

BK, like all attack buffers, affects special skills direct damage. In fact, his attack buff part works exactly the same as Brianne & Khiona’s does :slight_smile:

It does not affect DoT specials like Lady Locke, Morgan Le Fay or even Gravemaker.

I know that atk stat increases from emblems and troops do affect dot damage. You’re saying that buffs aren’t part of that equation? Okay, good to know!

Black Knight, no doubt.
He is a good hero for both titans and raids, both attacking and defence.

If you are worry about DoT not being affected, talent Scarlet (rogue) all for attack.

A BK-Falcon-Wilbur-Scarlet titan team can perform greatly.