Yunan or Elkanen and Hansel

So, should i take Yunan(2/3) all the way to max, Elkanen(3/52) to 3/70 and Hansel(3/36) to 3/60


Elkanen to 4/80, Hansel to 4/70 and Yunan to 3/60.

This is a timing question. They will all max eventually, but right now i have only 9 shields and 8 tonics so somebody has to wait.
Am eventually planning on using Yunan as a Green Tank(situational I know). Elkanen is serviceable, but meh, and Hansel gets great reviews. I really would like to get away from taking Guin EVERYWHERE, but Hansel intrigues me.

Current maxed nature heroes are Greg+2, Caedmon+7, melendor+3, Belith+5, and Hisan 3/50 6/8.

Yunan, also has stiff competition for fighter emblems. G. Panther, BT, Poseidon, Misandra

Forum, share your thoughts

Hansel is brilliant when used right :slight_smile: far more useful for me than elk. Of course - elk might be pain in the ■■■ on the def team, but manageable. Hansel is purely offence tool. I pair him (+12) with proteus (+15) so they can keep enemy’s specials at bay :slight_smile:
Yunan - nice tank, that can punish for a bad board…
I would go with Hansel first - its quicker and more beneficiary for offence team.


Do Hansel first. He is a game changing hero on offence. Then consider carefully which 5* to level for defence.


Hansel first : excelent 8n raids
Second : yunan . Excelent in def
Than … what u want :slight_smile:


You should max Hansel first, then Yunan. I don’t think Elk is worth the tonics so unless you have 12+ tonics after you max Yunan, you should leave Elk at 3-70.


Question: do you have Guinevre?
Which color your team use in war as tank?

I’m gonna swim upstream and say at least consider Elk! He’s fast, he pairs very well with Eve (who should return in not too long) and he can be a pain in war. The alliance I’m in are trying green tanks right now and Elk does a surprisingly good job there.

I don’t have Yunan but other slow heroes and apart from Kunchen they drive me insane on offense. My green mono or 3-2 offense always have Elk, Caed and Hansel and they perform well in mid diamond. As many have already said, Hansel is THAT good.

Hansel should definitely get trained up, he is amazingly useful

I would say Elkanen is a useful combo hero with Evelyn (Matched mana speed and both hit three makes them very useful) or handy if you need a defensive green wing. If neither of these apply, I probably wouldn’t let him drink the tonics

Equally if you already have a great raid tank like Guin or Kunchen then Yunan may not be all that great. Sure he is good but that slow mana is a drawback

So if you don’t meet any of the above criteria, maybe hold off and see if you get Kingston with a lucky pull

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Yes i do have Guin. She is currently my do it all tank.

My alliance is not yet at a place of tank coordination.

I’m definitely gonna take Elk all the way up. Just a matter of when. I’m currently building my bench (currently 1 3993TP team and 3 more teams around 3500, but then i fall below 3000 for my 5th war team)
So my question was really whether yunan was worth sidelining Hansel and Elkanen to get him maxed. But Elk will be serviceable though not great, and Hansel is great.
So a great 4* and a serviceable 5* vs a Good 5* for right now. And then there’s Kingston…


Then my answer is Hansel without a doubt.

Yunan is a great tank, but having Guinevre and don’t use her as your tank of choice seems just wrong.

You have her, you don’t need any other hero as central, and Yunan is good only for that.

Hansel is arguabily the best green among 4*.
I would use him rather then Elkanen (even maxed) everywhere.

By the time you end him, you can eventually think about Elkanen, but if you happen to drop Kingston again is a no brainer choice.

You may wait a little more for immediate results, but as we always say this game is a marathon.


@Elpis Yes. Was planning to pull for kingston and october will be my 1st Morlovia, and Aegir and Alby for Atlantis this month. So the next couple months will be kinda spendy. Was just thinking about developing my bench. But maxing Hansel, taking Elk to 3/70 and Yunan to 2/60 and holding my tonics and 5 shields for the King(ston) might be my best bet.

Hansel first.

Yunan is a fantastic tank.

Elkanen is mediocre without Evelyn. I wouldn’t be in any rush to ascend him. There’s a lot of better greens coming including MLF in Avalon (not sure how good Lady of the Lake is), Alberich in Atlantis this month, Kingston next HotM and Evelyn in NOV Atlantis.

I just got Elkanen myself have 10
Tonics and there’s no way I’ll ascend Elkanen anytime soon. I’m happier with my Margaret than I would be with Elky

Hansel then Kingston.


That seems a sound sequence. Gotta finish leveling Needler 1st. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: then back to Hansel.

Lady of the Lake would be a great card to draw, too. Just a 0.2% chance per summons, though…

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I was able to get lady of lake and also aegir. Do you think they both would play well together on defense. And if so who would you rather see as the tank and flank?

Yes, I think they would pair well. I’m torn about placement.

  • my first instinct was Aegir tank, LotL flank. My usual anti-Aegir strategy is to target the soft flank, which in this case would likely be the striker you put on the other flank, giving LotL time to cast.
  • I can see LotL at tank, Aegir flank. Stacking red against is weak against Aegir, and if you can’t find the red tiles you need early to take LotL out, you have a problem.

Try each—see who holds better cups.


I think Aegir would definitely make the better tank.

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Thank you. I’m still pushing them both to max. But will be trying it soon… I was thinking about trying her at tank just to get her special rolling faster. While aegir helps and protects her. But i think both will be awesome together either way. I also pulled tarlak and Alby on back to back summons. :wink:

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