Which green Legendry Hero

Got a few un-levelled green 5*s, Evelyn at 3-54, Lady Locke at 2-41, Elkanen at 1-5 and just pulled Morgan yesterday. Which hero do I concentrate my limited resources on? Should I concentrate on Morgan or ascend Evelyn first? Lady Locke doesn’t seem too good. Also have Hansel at 2-43. Please advise

Out of that group - I say work on Evelyn above the rest.

May I ask why you have all of them partially leveled? None of them are of great value when stuck somewhere on the way to being maxed.

In isolation Evelyn and then Hansel.

If asking questions like this context of your other heroes is needed to give useful recommendations. If you already have a deep bench of maxed heroes it is very different than if these are all you have. Synergies matter which is why Evenlyn would be your priority of the greens you mentioned, she is good alone and makes ALL green heroes better. Hansel is a massively powerful 4*, the mana block is tremendous and at fast mana you get to shoot his special in almost all battles unless you have a truly dire board.

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I have all of these heroes, I put Evelyn up first with no regrets

Pairing her with a 3/70 Elkanen is surprisingly effective. Hansel (who is nearly there at 4/65) also hits hard when green defense is down, and his mana control is amazing. Highly recommended for Pirates event next month where it is not optimal to take Proteus

Recommend finishing Evelyn, then Hansel, then Elk to 3/70. Those three wreck blue tanks together


Thank you for this guidance

Evelyn went first for me too and I have been delighted with her. She and Hansel are an excellent team (I admit that the Zimkitha/Scarlett +10 combo gets used more in raids because of the cleansing that Zim provides and Scarlett’s insane attack stat).

I wish there were more 5* fast mana elemental debuffers (that are attainable, Panther is incredibly difficult to get). I look forward to a team of Evelyns smashing through the enemies…someday.

For OP, this is my thoughts, it will take a long time but builds a useful bench before comitting to the final push:
Eve to 3-70 --> Hansel to 4-70 --> Lady Locke 2-60 --> Morgan 3-70 --> Elk 3-70 – > Locke 3-70 --> Eve 4-80

From here you can choose your favorite after playing with them and see which suits your style. There is no question Eve needs to go to 4-80, just a question of when. IF you are on 8* titans and Diamond raiding then she needs to go to 4-80 sooner than my timeline indicates.

Thank you this is exactly what I’ll do

I have the same Problem. I got lianna, Evelyn, Margaret and morgan le fay. All 1-1. But no idea, who to level first.

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At least its a good problem :slight_smile:

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Depends on your other heroes and their clssses.

Do you already have a solid 4* bench? Many healers or much fire power?

What’s your defense right now?

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At first i have kadilen and zeline 4/80. Defence with aegir, kunchen, zeline, zim, athena. So i think firepower ja what i need in green. Evelyn was my first thought but lianna has very high damage. Margaret is the last one i consider to be leveld. Morgan should be a very nice defence hero. But is she also good for attack and Titan?

Ok, Margie would be my option just to widen the variety of your specials. You already have health and damage dealers…

I often use Inari and love to see her dodging multiple horror snipes and protecting the whole team from AoE attacks. She is as good as mana controllers. Imo utility heroes are often underrated. Everybody just wants hard hitters.

Eve is cool even at 70 (have 2 there) and 2nd project after Margie would be Morgan.

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Raid defense tank - Morgan

Raid offense - Evelyn + Hansel

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