Yunan aegir grazul. Blue dilema

Hello !

My 5* heroes are in picture + Isarnia 1.1 and Kage 1.1

I am not sure what to do with Aegir. Should I max him now or make Isarnia and wait for aegir later ? My logic is based on fact that yunan is better tank then aegir .

Rest of the roster is 2x or 3x 4*heroes each colour ( includin wilbur and wu kong )

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are you trying to put a defense team together with these heroes?

With Aegir tank, you’d have to flank with Yunan since wing isn’t really that great of a spot for him, and then that leaves your other flank as either Seshat or Grazul. Not ideal imo.

I’d personally fear this defense team more:
Seshat | Isarnia | Yunan | Grazul | Joon


I see.
Shoul I not use the blue AM on Aegir and start to work on Isarnia ? Aegir stays at 3.70.

I think now I am more interested in war defence.

What color are you tanking with in wars?

Yunan is a great tank but I don’t know of many alliances that use green as their tanking color.


My alliance ia a midle one. We are spread in power so we dont have yet a colour based tank strategy

Sesh Aeg Graz Yun Joon

Personally I levelled Aegir before I got my Yunan and was very happy with him. In addition to him being my main tank then, I also used him in blue stacks & against red titans galore. His Healing for Damage and damage link was key in keeping me alive against some of the big nasty red titans (11* +)

These days I run Yunan in my tank position wherever I can. Aegir rarely gets a run in defence teams because of this. So yes, you are right that Yunan is the better tank.

HOWEVER, Aegir still has many uses beyond the defence team. Like I said above, he’s pretty good in a blue stack etc…

In terms of your options, I would say to probably leave Aegir at 3-70 for the time being. Work on Issy up to 3-70 too & play with the two of them. Whoever you feel is going to be better for YOU, give the scopes to then :slight_smile:

In terms of your defence team I can’t really make a full suggestion but I would say avoid putting both Yunan & Aegir on the same defence. 2 reasons for this:

  1. together they become a really slow defence team & susceptible to tiles
  2. Aegir is passive. The only position I would advocate its OK to be passive is in tank… everywhere else has to either support the tank or hurt the enemy.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Again, my recommendation is to take both Aegir & Issy to 3-70, use them a bit & decide from there.


If you’re f2p, I’d max aegir over isarnia… she’ll get replaced eventually by either emblemed Grimm or possibly Athena. Aegir’s special is unique and the shared damage plus heal will help you through the map and some of the event stages.