Optimal flanks for Yunan?

I pulled Yunan in last month’s seasonal event, and I’m thinking of making him my primary tank. I’m trying to decide who would be the best flanks for him. I’m leaning toward Athena on the left and Ariel on the right, but could use any of Magni, Arthur, Frida, Isarnia, Thorne, or Richard.

First, is he the right tank? I have Kunchen, and could put Join and Drake (or Inari, Justice, or Vivica) next to him, or could use Onatel with Hel and one of Sartana, Ursena, Domitia, Obakan or Quintus.

Second, what kind of flanks will be best with Yunan? With his relatively high def/hp + revive, it seems like putting Ariel in mix will help keep him alive, and Athena just seems like a can’t miss hero, but are there other, better choices?

Would appreciate any thoughts.

I don’t have Yunan but have gone against him as tank a couple of times. As he is slow, and with the abundance of great red attackers, he needs fast flanks imo. Magni could be one, Drake the other. If you’re not too attached to rainbow Ariel might work in left wing, and Sartana right wing? Or just pop Ariel left flank as you thought initially and put Drake in wing (I find him superior as flank though, his blind is a pain).


If you have both him and Kunchen you could put one of another as tank/flank.
It could seem a bit weird as defense but I think that these bad boys are tough to beat:


I don’t worry too much about having a full rainbow team–I prefer my flanks to be strong against rhe color my tank is weak against (hence the idea for blue flanks for Yunan).

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Yeah, wow. I hadn’t thought about that, but that looks like a compelling team. Hel might also slot in for Ursena.

Looking at that team, I’d nope right past that and reroll, which is the bar I use to determine if I’ve got a solid defense team :smiley:


I’d actually jump on it going 3-2 red/purple, probably Hel-Kunch-Wilbs-BT-GM. Only one fast defender and in wing means lots of time to charge my blokes up even on a mediocre board. I’d ignore the fact that purple is weak on the flanks - red being the main colour and pesky yellow wings being vulnerable to it.

But try it out! Myself, I change my def setup often just to shake things up a bit or test new war defs.

Edit: and Yunan is one of the best tanks even being green. He mustn’t be allowed to go off and will be your opponents main concern, if they’re not distracted by a more immediate threat.


That’s why I’m leaning towards blue flanks for him. I think people will stack at least 3 reds and Ariel vs a 3 red stack is going to be a PITA. If I put Alby in the left wing, that team gets hella hard to kill and gains mana unreasonably quickly.

But that means I need a good left flank and right wing. Joon is my go-to in the right wing, but if I put Hel on the left flank, that slows things down and maybe allows Yunan to go off.

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I was thinking similar but 2-2-1 red holy healer stack.
Drake blinds 3, Onatel slows mana on 3 but on the wings, they won’t fire early.

Chew up the middle. Zim Joon/drake GM poseiden (any among Ariel Delilah Viv Guin Alby or even BT) then pick off the wings while sipping on ice tea.

@TWAndrews holy and dark flank tank works because they’re weak vs each other so tank will be strong if they stack vs your flank color.

If you run blue Yunnan blue, I’d bring my green stack which is strong vs your flanks and neutral vs Yunnan.

Optimal color defense with Yunnan tank would be:

Magni RED Yunnan Ariel DARK/HOLY

Both blues would not be vulnerable to a green cone attack (eve, buddy) but they protect Yunnan from a red stack.


That’s a good point. So given that, and the fact that I don’t have Gravemaker, which of the following would you consider for the red flank:

Ares (just pulled him), Marjana, Elena, Kaghan, Kong (probably not!) or an emblemed BT? I’d mean to Ares there.

Marjana easily among your reds. She’s a quasi-sniper, fast but still with decent defense stats to stay alive a little longer.
Your RED, Dark/Holy Ideally should be fast snipers to balance Ariel and Yunnan.

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So that gives me a final line up of:

Magni/Marjana/Yunan/Ariel/Joon(or Drake when I get him leveled)

That seems pretty solid, but does seem sniper heavy. Would switching out Magni for Hel be sensible? She’s Avg mana, but can be a game changer when she goes off.

It doesn’t hurt to try especially when you have Hel but having asked about my defense to more seasoned players, the consensus seems to be mana speed is more important in defense positions.

That means slow heroes on wings are negligible (except for rez alby MN). If you run Viv, Azlar Isa… on the wings, they usually do not fire.

Along same logic, average mana on wings is handicapped.

I’m not the only person with very fast heroes. I raid every chance I can and I too notice I have to keep an eye on Hel on flank much more than if she’s on the wing.

This is the reason I suggested Magni wing, Ariel opposite flank, because she is average mana.

More support on key defense positions are with Guin and Kunchen. They are so much more difficult to deal with as tank. It’s almost a waste to insert Guin in flank.

Many players run a full sniper defense or 4 snipers surrounding a tank. Give it a try.

If anything, I would remove Ariel and add a rainbow sniper gang with Kunchen.
Marjana Drake/Joon Kunchen Magni Lianna

or Marjana Magni Yunnan Joon Sartana

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