Melendor or elkhanan

What do you think?

Elkahan to tier three or melendor to tier four?

I have rigard as main healer

I have maxed hansel as main green

And i can take elkhanan all the wat but i am waiting for some one better

My green team is this

I think it is basically for war and titans

Or maybe go for Margaret full ascend?..

Fairly new to the game, but, i think having a strong healer in a 5 stack is a good idea.
Can keep you alive in case of not so great boards.
My two cents.
Have fun.

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I’d go with Melendor, he’s highly useful for dispelling, healing, and having a high attack stat in a green stack.

I use him regularly for Raids, Quests, Events, and War.

I’d also generally avoid investing resources into your 5* until you have some core 4* leveled — which includes Melendor.


Thanx. I have strong 4 team . Woth addition of 3.67 magni and 2.60 frida if needed

I can go also foe caedmon from 1.1…

But i do have all the mats to asscend five. I have 2100 cups ans it is starting to touch places where five is needdd but elkhanan is no good…

Probably melendor will earn to be second high tanking green…

Maybe vwith embelm he can rock

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I’m quite fond of my Emblemed Melendor:


Offence : Elk
Def : Mel

Personally I think both have their flaws… I even think I let Mel sit this alliance war out , but he is useful.

Tank you say? :thinking:
Who knows with emblems he can be .

Good luck

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Attacks: Elkanen
Defenses: Elkanen

But ascend Melendor first: a 4.70 hero is more useful than a 3.70 one.


Melendor for my vote also

I can take elkhanan to 4.80 but… Maybe Margaret?

Or just wait… that is why I thought to level him to 3.70

But honestly Maybe i am beeter of with another hansel or caedmon

I’m not exactly a Margaret’s fan, I would rather ascend Elkanen than her :man_shrugging:
If you need more firepower for your cleric’s class trials ascending him could be a good choice but doesn’t forget that healers are important in every aspect of the game other than lower s1 province farming.

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I’d definitely go Melendor, green healers are very helpful, his attack stack is high. You’ll use him much more than Elk.

Also consider the ability to Emblem Mel and make him stronger.

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basic rule *4 full asc always better than *5 3-70

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By the way. I had magni 3.70 and he was better then 4.70 hansel… now hansel emblemed so he sky rocketed…

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I don’t really need any of them but now i am in alliance that i face this… so i am looking for an edge…

Maybe melendor for the dispell

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Melendor for the dispel would be a good idea :slight_smile:
Inari could be tricky so remember to bring along your Hansel to avoid wasting your specials.

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no hansel is better overall stats , if you compare for damage then its not apple to apple , magni is full sniper while hansel is half sniper half mana control

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For war I’d say Melendor. You can really never have too many healers, especially in wars with enemy aid or attack boost, and a maxed Melendor is much more durable than a 3-60 Melendor.


I hear Margaret pop up in this thread every now and then. She doesn’t do it for me. If it’s between Margaret and elkanen, I’d go elkanen.

Regarding elkanen and melander, most say Mel. I can’t disagree, but don’t have experience with him. The game gave me him late. I am just now leveling.

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