Yunan Dot question – why does his DoT amount seem to be different when using him than what’s on the card?

I was lucky enough to get Yunan earlier this week. Right now it says does 258 damage over three turns. But when I’ve used him on 8-7 it says 103 per turn. That seems like 309 over three turns. Am I missing something?

His DoT increases with his att stat. So his DoT will be more than the hero card says because of the added attack from his troop.


Ty for filling that part in.

And when you have his special at 8 before he is fully maxed, the dot will increase further with increasing atk stat.


In general, all DoT’s are proportional to the attack stats of a hero, so the more you level him up the more his DoT will be. What is shown in the hero card at the portals is the maximum DoT that he will achieve when he is at 4.80 with maxed out special skills. But, in reality his DoT will be even more during battles, because troops increases the attack stats and thus the DoT value increases too. Moreover, in defense there is a hidden 20% attack and defense boost, which makes his DoT even more dangerous, although I am not sure if this hiddne boost applies to the stats itself or the only during damage calculations, in which case the DoT might remain unaffected by it. :slight_smile:

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