Impact of Art Stat Increases on DoT Skills?

It’s there a predictable impact on DoT for e.g. Gravemaker/Morgan Le Fay of raising attack stats via troops or emblems?

I’m getting close to maxing Yunan, and as he’ll be my primary tank, will give him a lot of my fighter emblems. I’m investigating the best path, and given his already very tanky stats, am trying to see what impact raising his attack value would have on his DoT.

Yes, but it’s different for each hero. The percentage is based on the single-turn damage done by the DOT.

I believe GM is 20.5% of attack stat per turn, truncated (So 149.9 becomes 149). And MLF is 23.5% of attack stat per turn, truncated.

I’m not sure what Yunan’s percentage is, but it looks to be more than 18% and less than 18.5%.


Ok, that makes it pretty easy to figure out. I can get a couple data points while I finish leveling Yunan.

But it also means that incremental increases in attack score are relatively low impact on total DoT damage, so I’d probably be better served by doubling down in his tanky stats.

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Yup. Unless it’s a pretty healthy multiplier like GM or MLF, the incremental benefit is low. If you gave Yunan 75 points of attack, that’s a 12.1% increase in the Attack stat. Add in a heavy attack troop, like say 20%, and the DOT will tick for 453ish over 3 turns. Noticeable, but less valuable than making sure he survives to fire in the first place.


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