Damage over time for defense teams

Is DoT increased for defending team? I fought a JF with same atk but their DoT was much higher

Defenders have 20% more base attack and defense, DoT scales with attack… so you’ll get an empowered defender’s DoT.

Have a read of this

Thanks @Guvnor


Maximus doesn’t help unfortunately. Fra we had very similar base attacks after accounting for troops and talents. This is of course not counting buffs that don’t affect DoT. I think DoT is increased 20% for defending hero AFTER base attack adjustments. Can anyone confirm?

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DoT is dependent on the attack stat of the hero.

three things affect this:

  1. The hero level (hero at 4/80 > hero at 2/60)
  2. The troops used (level 30 mana troop > level 30 crit troop. similarly level 30 mana troop > level 10 mana troop)
  3. The Defence Team Bonus; +20% to base stats.

the link that @Dudeious.Maximus put above explains the relationship between DoT & the attack stat.

NOTE: Attack buff & debuff from hero specials do NOT affect DoT amount.