GM DoT: Defense gets +20% Damage

Hey all!

I was doing some raids against identical or near identical GM this morning and saw that on defense GM has a significantly higher DoT than ATK power alone would indicate.

Offense: ATK = 908, DoT = 372

Defense: ATK = 912, DoT = 448

Here’s what I’ve found:

  1. Looks to be consistent (have I missed this the whole time??)
  2. Crit vs Mana troops have no effect except additional ATK bonus (I tried with both in the attached pictures)

Here’s what I don’t know:

  1. Why does this happen? I looked in the forum but wasn’t able to find a reference to this.
  2. Does this happen with all DoT? i.e. Sartana, Morgan le Fay, Natalya, Proteus?
  3. Is there an additional potential boost being overlooked?

Interested to hear your observations, thanks!

is the first screenshot pme of your GMs, and the second your opponents?
Can you find them in your tower still and post screens of your troops vs his?

It’s usually down to the stealth boost to the defending team but the numbers still don’t look right

The difference in damage amount is not new (the 20% is documented and generally accepted around the forum), but the card text used to be displayed incorrectly for defense heroes. It was fixed in V23:

They had lv 21 mana (+23% ATK) I have lv 11 mana (+20% ATK).

Wow, thanks for helping with that so quickly. I was worried I was going crazy :joy:

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