Highest possible DoT for each hero

I was curious, are there any guides for the total possible DoT damage for heroes after they have emblems/high troops?

Sometimes the 4/80 card could be deceiving (especially picking a team to raid) when the DoT is much higher in battle.

One of the most underrated heroes imo, Lady Locke, only shows that she does 896 damage to 3 enemies (which is still a lot) but I’ve seen many high level Lady Lockes who have that stat up in the 1300s. That’s absolutely insane! 3 heroes getting drained 1300+ hp in just a few turns is crazy strong!

Would love if there was a resource that showed the possible DoT ranges of heroes with emblems/troops. Thanks for any help y’all can give!

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I was literally about to post this same question until I realized I already asked this before but to no avail. Bumping this thread back up and see if there are any guides out there on the highest possible DoT’s in this game. I always see lists of the highest damage snipers, but would love to see the comparison between heroes like Lady Locke, Natalya, Morgan Le Fey, etc. when fully emblemed with high level troops.

These threads may help you:


DoT increases as long as the attack of the hero dealing DoT is also increased. During raid or war, or even when doing quests or map stages, the attack stat of the hero may be increased by the use of items (bear banner, dragon banner, etc.), or other heroes skills (attack buff of Kiril, BT, Ares, Chameleon, etc. or the attack boost of Gazelle, Miki, etc.), or when supported by high level troops (level 30 mana troop, etc.). Once any or all of these are triggered, it is sure that the DOT increases, especially on defense where they enjoy +20% to attack and defense.

DoT doesn’t increase by family bonuses or specials that increase attack. It goes off of the attack stat before the match begins.

Either way, that’s all explained in the post that was tagged, I was only looking for a list of maxxed DoT damage among all the DoT heroes which that post showed.

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