DoT scaling

While we have a good idea of the DoT damage for all skills at maxed levels (from the hero card), it’s just one nominal value at a specific point.

When you add attack via emblems (and, to my knowledge, troops), the damage scales at some factor, and I’ve come to believe the factor is different for many heroes.

For example, a maxed talent Marjana’s fire DoT ticks for about 85-87, while a maxed talent Kelile can easily do over 100 per tick.

So how well does Roc’s DoT scale compared to GM? Does JF’s DoT scale better than C.Azlar’s? Knowing this could help make some informed decisions regarding talent paths.

Is there any information on this?

The DoT is calculated as a % of the attack stat.

So you can calculate what the % is for each hero and workout how the DoT will go up with troops and talents.

There are some good threads discussing this in great detail but the general rule is

New Dot = (original dot/original attack) * new attack

Original means the maxed form with no emblems etc. You can also use this to work out the increase with troops. So somewhat strangely, rule of thumb is that the higher the dot : attack stat ratio (dot factor), the more dot is added with emblems.

Interestingly, that means if a hero had low attack, high dot the emblems would have more of an impact. Although there are more things to consider like direct damage etc.

As an aside, this is why I’m a bit annoyed that roc has great attack stats, middle of the road dot and annoyingly no direct damage to make use of the direct attack stat which does nothing to dot…

@Zack looked into it and came up with a calculation:

From this post down: