Next 5* Blue to Ascend


I am looking to the collective wisdom for some opinion about which 5* Blue to ascend next:

Full 5*s:
Dark: Sartana
Holy: Neith, Vivica
Red: Elena
Blue: Magni
Green: Kingston

Which Blue gets the ascension items: Frida, Miki, or Vela?

Any assistance rendered would be most appreciated.

IMO, if Miki 3.70 and Frida 3.70 is enough for your current titan, I think Vela is great. But I prefer Frida 1st.

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Agreed with @jinbatsu

If you’re fighting titans where you dont NEED to ascend Miki to Maximum to extend his survival it becomes a race between Frida & Vela (as miki doesn’t gain anything at 4/80 compared to 3/70 other than survival)

Between Frida & Vela:
Vela DoT & Direct Damage will both increase dramatically when you max her out.

Frida will only increase the direct damage which is the lesser part of her skill (compared to the debuff & elemental defence drop).

Both will only be eleigably for emblems at 4/80 but neither class looks like you have a maxed hero in them (Paladin or Druid) so not a massive factor.

If it was me, I would go with Vela over Frida because of how powerful DoT is at killing off enemies as it ignores any buffs, debuffs or any damage shares etc… & just kills them


Thank you for the analysis. By the numbers and speed, its seems like Vela is the better choice now.

I also appreciate the discussion on Miki. Narrowing to 50/50 makes things easier.

Mich obliged.

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