Need ascension Help For every color

The title says it all, I have the classic case of holditis in which I’m holding off ascension for the possibility of getting better heroes. But the time has come, who should I ascend?!?!

Every 3 months I’m able to do a couple 10 pulls.

Ascension materials: D-blade 12, darts:13, tonic 8, rings 4, tabard 12, tomb 9, telescopes 13

Yellow: Malosi, vivica, neith, musashi, Leo, Justice
fully leveled: Woolerton, Gullinbursti, Mist

Purple: Sartana, Clarrisa, Quintus, Obakan, Mok Ar
Fully leveled: Kage, proteus,rigard, Tibertus+C

Blue: Isarnia, Thorne
Fully leveled: Magni, Kiril, Sonya, triton, grimm

Red: Elena, Azlar, Anzogh, Khagan, 2nd Marjana, Grazul
Fully leveled: Marjana, Kestral, boldtusk +C, Wilbur

Green: Horghall, Elkanen
Fully leveled: Telly, Atomis, brynild, Caedmon, melendor +C, Peters

I’m leaning towards holding off on greens, HA will be useable in a month so hope to get Lianna.

Reds: Thinking of Anzogh or Grazul

Yellow: Malosi, neith or musashi, besides Malosi the other two seem middle of the pack.

Blue: Isarnia, but holding off on Thorne unless I can pull his costume(assuming it’s good)

Purple: I’m thinking Clarissa, but hold off once I get two more tabards. Possibly Sartana?

Thank you all for your feedback!

My opinion:

Yellow - Malosi. I find his buff/ailment block very useful on offense and he’s very fast. May not hit as hard as other snipers, but still decent and being very fast you can easily ghost a few tiles and get him charged again easily.

Purple - Sartana all the way baby!

Blue - With 13 Scopes, I’d do Isarnia as her defense down is very good, however, she is squishy. You’ll still have another set of scopes when you get another blue.

Red - Grazul. Very fast and her ailment block works great in the GTV world we’re all in.

Green - You may want to consider Elkanen as he is head and shoulders better than Atomos but I agree that holding off is the best choice for now.

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Hmm, choices choices, what do you like about Sartana over Clarissa? Do you find Elkanen better than Atomis post him being buffed?

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Here’s my thoughts & $0.02

Yellow – Malosi.
Ailment blocking is super awesome in the current meta. At very fast speed he’ll find many uses in your raiding offence.
The second I would say to do either Neith or Vivica. Vivica if you NEED additional healing/ that’s your gameplay style. Neith for general offence; mana cut & blind to all enemies is pretty handy, even if she cops a heap of flack for being “useless” i know many players who absolutely LOVE Neith.

Purple – Clarissa first then probably Sartana or Quintus.
Clarissa will give you very fast direct damage & DoT. Makes a great pairing with Kage if you have two purple mana troops at level 11+
I suggest either sartana or quintus, the selection being based on your play style… Sartana will give you another “point and shoot” hero, great for sniping if that’s your style. Quintus (or Mok-Arr) will give you a big damage over area style hero which works nicely with a purple stack at finishing/ damaging al the enemy heroes.

Blue – Issy & then wait.
I personally wouldn’t do thorne… not unless his costume is boss as…
Issy has some great damage & is killer on Titans. A bit of a glass jaw so not great on defence but will pack a punch on offence when she fires.

Red – Grazul. No contest.
Grazul is IMHO the best counter to the current meta (Vanda excepted if she’s released per her current beta iteration). The very fast mana & ailment blocking means that you can netralise the entire middle three heroes of the enemy defence if you time it right/ play your board well. Absolutly amazing and cannot recommend grazul enough!!!

Green – Wait.
If you get to 13 tonics, I would go with Elkanen. Horgy ain’t worth it unfortunately…


@Blackfyre - I’ve faced Clarissa a number of times in raids and she is not a threat, to me at least. You don’t have any other Dark hitter except Kage and if you put Emblems on Proteus his mana shutdown is more useful. Besides, you have Kestrel as a good AoE splasher.

That’s my two cents but the ultimate decision is up to you of course. :slight_smile:

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Is Grazul one of those hero’s that you can get the full affect without fully ascending her or does she need it to withstand the hits?

I’ve had good synergy between bryhild and Issy to help beef her up and charge her faster, can’t wait to see what she Sam so fully ascended.

I think I will go Clarissa vs Sartana as I need another beefy tank type so that I have more flexibility than just Telly if needed. I would lean more towards Mok Ar than Quintus m, that being said would it be better to wait.

Neith has saved me a lot with her blind but still have a hard time pulling the trigger. I may wait until I do my next set of pulls then make up my mind.

Thank you all for your help

Yeah, you definiltly can… BUT you get more benefit from her being able to survive a couple whacks.

I ascended one of my Grazul to max & have another 2 at 3-70… I don’t use the 3-70 ones much, even in war, cause they tend to die before I can use them a second time round.

Good point, on my way to ascending now!

I have been having good success with Brynhild flank with Isarnia in the wing for mana boost and protection.

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