Decision help for next ascensions several colors

I thought I had my mind made up and I would be taking a few more heroes up to the final level; however, once I got them to 3.70 I paused and started rethinking things. Perhaps I am overanalyzing things but I wanted to check to be sure. Since the mats for 5* are so hard to come by the decision is very “final” in that while you can’t go back, it also can’t be quickly corrected for by just taking another hero up and nothing is worse than having a great hero at 3.70 that really doesn’t work until they get to the max. Especially today when emblems are at +8 to 11 on average you really need to have the 5* heroes at 4.80 at a minimum in most cases for PvP battles.

I thought I was going to take Kadilen, Khagan, Isarnia and Justice up and I would still have a few damascus blades left plus plenty of tomes but it would take all of the color mats for each one except green which I have enough for 2.

Every S1 4* owned but not all leveled. Peter’s only event hero and maxed. S2 max/some emblems on a few - Mitsuko, Triton, Gaderius, Proteus, Danza, Amoenna.
Use will be mostly for raid and war teams and titans. Raid defense is fine, keeps me in diamond, same with war. Currently running 3x TC20 trying for Sartana, Marjana, Leonidas and Elkanen. Once Sartana appears I will reduce to 1 or 2 TC20.

Green - Lianna +7. Was going to take Kadilen up but paused in case I get Kingston though I have mats to do both. Just didn’t want to get mid 4.xx and then get Kingston and have to pause Kadilen etc.

Red - Mitsuko +7. Khagan was original choice to max but got Mits at last second months ago. Now I have rings and again need to decide Khagan or Elena. Like Khagan as he is sturdier. Elena hits harder but is soft. Would help on Titans but I do pretty good with 4-1 mono (4-Wu).

Blue - Magni +7. Isarnia 2.45. Currently working on her and Richard is other blue. I do also have 2nd Magni as well. Given strong blue team Isarnia would be nice addition to all hitter vs mostly snipers. She seems like the right choice over Richard or a 2nd Magni and might even use on raid defense on trial basis.

Yellow - Joon +7, Vivica 3.70. Vivica is likely getting darts when I get next one. Justice is other choice at 1.1. I have 2 of her also. I could use a paladin since I don’t have a 5* paladin and she would work but if I took Vivica up to 4.80 then Justice would sit at 3.70 for a while. Vivica is useful at 3.70 and I have all the other healers levels and most with emblems so perhaps Justice should go up first since she needs to be max before she is useful?

Purple - Domitia +7. Only choice here is Obakan. As stated earlier I am looking for Sartana in TC20 or occasional pull. I have 9 tabbards so even if I did level him, I would likely have the other 3 by the time Sartana appeared and I would need them. However I wonder if I should just save him for the HA and maybe never use him though I don’t have a ton of non-S1 5* so I feel like him sitting is a waste.

I know most of these seem trivial and I thought my mind was made up but with the rarity of the mats it is hard to press that button. I was getting lucky for a bit getting damascus blades, tomes, etc. in mystic visions. I had a 2 week stretch where nearly every chest and vision had a 3 or 4* mat in it(I posted them to the show me your rewards thread). I left my alliance and am sitting in my own fighting 1-3* titans and winning most wars but I think the look from the titans isn’t as good though is wasn’t great in alliance before either. I have got mats from wars and chests here too.

Anyhow, given my current f2p status should I use who I have and play them or let them sit? I hate letting them sit hoping that the HA is any good. My fear is that we will be able to only trade unleveled heroes for new heroes. IDK why it would matter but it is SG afterall. I also hold onto at most 2 copies of each 4* or above. Since it seems that S2 is out of the question for the HA as per the AMA I can only hope that we can either:

  1. Trade in X 4* from S1 for 1 S1 5* or HOTM(early ones), otherwise I really have no need for some of the dupes that I am keeping in the S1 4* at this point.

  2. Trade in 1 5* from S1 for 1 S1 5* or HOTM that we DON’T have. It is bad enough that S2 won’t be available from HA.

I don’t want to veer off topic. Any help on the hero issues above is appreciated. I tried to list the ones I have, 4-5* and what they are used for. I know it might seem trivial and I am not here to humble brag about my lineup (its horrible, there is nothing to brag about…LOL). Thanks.

If you have tonics for Kadilen + another green hero, I personally would just give them to Kadilen.

She’s no Lianna but she’s no Horghall either; you won’t find any other classic hero that hits all enemies (for more damage than Zimkitha before attack buff) at fast speed.

Her special skill protection buff can also help a lot with reducing damage taken, at fast speed she’s likely to charge when it matters too.

Nooooooo, that’s who I’m levelling right now because of no other options :frowning_face:

Now he does have the highest health of any hero in the game (tied with QoH)…

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If you have no other options and you are loaded with tonics, then I say go ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I encourage hoarding 4* mats but to a point. If you’re knee deep in 12 tonics, then you can certainly afford to give them to your only option, as even if a better option shows up you won’t have regrets on missing materials.

(me I’m at 15 telescopes with no blue 5*, so even if my next one is Thorne he’ll get em for sure)

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Ya I had 10 tonics so I took the plunge. Now Horgie is at 4-74 and I pulled Kadilen and I still have 4 tonics. Oh well. My main deficit is Tomes anyway. 0 of them right now.

Fortunately I already have maxed Lianna and Gregorion.

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I’d finish Vivica when you get the darts as was your initial plan. Once you do that then work on Justice. You can only level who you currently have, I wouldn’t just keep a hero at 1/1 because I wanted another hero that wasn’t in my roster yet. So Obakan is the only purple choice for you and Kadilen would be the green option. It really just stinks when you do get a hero and you’re queue of heroes to level gets all jacked up. I’ve been sitting on Miki since whatever that month was because I was finishing Alice, now I’m leveling Captain of Diamonds since the winter event is approaching and he gets rid of minions. Sorry I veered off topic a bit. I think your initial thoughts of who to level are correct and I’d go that route.

I didn’t think if that. I did have a thread about her vs. Zeline, not that she is Zeline by a stretch but as in hitting all, etc.

She is a nice hit all hero unlike elkanen who I originally wanted of the two but have since seen that she is a better team hero. Is that really true for Zim?

Zim - 714 at 155% damage against all. PLus 25% attack to allies for 4x and cleanses all allies. PLus the element link of 4% health for 6x undisp.
1106 damage
Kadilen - 696 at 190% damage against all. Plus 74% defense of SS for 3x
1322 damage

1322 vs 1106 - Kadilen hits harder then Zim. Granted secondary skills matter but I think she gets tossed aside too quick with the newer heroes coming out. Greg and King are buffed Lianna’s but harder to get. Of course that damage is pure damage not including defense but a higher start point leads to a higher attack despite the defense.

New thread…Kadilen is better than Zimkitha - DISCUSS

Side note-in earlier versions where they wrote all skills in one list without bullets I saw the old skill pre v20 of 160% but also it looked like her 74% skill def was only 2x. Is that correct for the 2x? I know the 160 was pre buff.

I would prefer Thorne over Isarnia tbh :wink: but i would take every blue 5 aswell (got 0)

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