Advice on next ascension

Ok so tome of tactics avoid me like the plague. Easily the most difficult ascension item for me to attain lately, but I just happened to get one. I have a few options to ascend and I just wanted advice since it might be awhile before I get another one. Currently I can ascend either a blue or a green hero. The blue 5* heroes I already have fully ascended are Vela, Alice, Ariel, Magni and Miki. My fully ascended greens are tell, Kingston, Heimdall, Evelyn, and greg. The team that I usually use consists of tell, Vela, Jean Francois, kage and white rabbit.

Now for my options. For blue I am considering Arthur and Frida for the tome. For green my top options are Zeline, Lianna, Margaret and Atomos. I also have fenrir, costume isarnia, Rumpelstiltskin, raff and skadi as blue 5* in case I’m overlooking anything with them. For green I have zocc, ratatat, and tarlak 3/70 as other options.


Dadgum, you got some nice heroes there! You’ve already maxed the best ones!

If I were in your shoes, I’d go Tarlak just for titan performance. That’s something I care about.

Far as I’m concerned, your base squad’s perfect. Other people (who actually spend time in diamond arenas) would probably suggest stacking up greens (Lianna, Zocc) because you can and stacking makes good firepower.

Stacking red would probably be better because you specifically have Telluria to counter and Vela’s about to get changed again, but I don’t see a list of reds. I’d advise against maxing a bunch of blues for the same reason.

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Thanks! Well, I’d have to say my reds are the least impressive. Other than Jean I have Zim, queen, ares and Baldur (yeah mistake but I’m still hoping he gets a buff sometime) maxed. I really want Tyr but the rng gods disagree. I do have grazul, marjana, azlar, and Noor as unmaxed red 5s. Plus only 3 mystic rings.

Frida will improve your titan scores and make your blue stack deadly, I’d ascend her first.


IMO,… green Zeline, blue Frida and red Grazul or Marjana (both are SUPER great).


Agree with @jinbatsu , but I would ascend frida first. Titan score and may ne helpful for legendary challenge event competition in team with miki and magni… Second zeline.


Ah… I didn’t see earlier that you had Miki. No need for Tarlak then :joy:

Grazul’s actually really good! I’m happy having two of her for wars. If you can get a level 11+ mana troop under her, she does a very good job of protecting the squad. I save those for fights that need her, and I always use both every war

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Yeah right now grazul is looking like my next red once I have the rings for her. It looks like I’m leaning Frida now. Unfortunately I had been planning king Arthur so he was at 3/70, but not Frida. So, I have a little bit of leveling to do before I can ascend her later today or tomorrow.

I had actually typed “Frida or Isarnia” for titans on my first response until I saw Tarlak, so yeah, I’d recommend going that way too

funny thing, i have the exact same blues maxed as you plus king arthur (and magnis costume) - but i do not have frida. compared with arthur, i think frida is more useful in other situations than titans as she hits three.

The only thing about Frida or Arthur is they’re both paladins so giving either emblems will be a bit of a wait. There are just too many good paladins out there.